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Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal


Funding is intended to support scientific renewal and development in research that can help to advance the international research front. This call is therefore targeted towards researchers who have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality. Grant proposals will be accepted for projects within all disciplines and research areas.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
16 650 025 000
Amount awarded
1 183 520 800
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
334266INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGEU labor immigration and the organization of workArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334501NTNU SAMFUNNSFORSKNING ASNorwegian labour inclusion of young people at risk: User pathways, street-level bureaucracies and interorganisational collaborationsArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334628Universitetet i BergenAssessments about children's criminal insanity and violence risk: Exploring and advancing the recognition of children's developmentArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334711Universitetet i OsloThe use of Expert Reports as evidence in Child Protection Decision-MakingArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334866STIFTELSEN FRISCHSENTERET FOR SAMFUNNSØKONOMISK FORSKNINGLabor market inclusion and labor productivityArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 11 981 00002.09.2022
334972NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDHealth Deterioration and Risks of Labour Market Exits - Young Workers in Double Trouble?Arbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335194Universitetet i BergenLife and Work in Balance: Legal responses to working life in times of change and crisis (LaW-BALANCE)Arbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 9 999 00002.09.2022
335851STIFTELSEN FRISCHSENTERET FOR SAMFUNNSØKONOMISK FORSKNINGRefugee Settlement Locations and Long Run OutcomesArbeids- og velferdsforskningNOK 7 986 00002.09.2022
334428FRIDTJOF NANSEN STIFTELSEN PÅ POLHØGDAMaking use of Arctic science - The Case of the Arctic CouncilArktisNOK 7 373 00002.09.2022
335863NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTNext Arctic Rush? Critical Materials for the Energy TransitionArktisNOK 9 858 00002.09.2022
334005NTNUVisuopathy of Prematurity – Is Retinopathy of Prematurity just the tip of the iceberg?Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 10 931 00002.09.2022
334086Stiftelsen Norsk institutt for luftforskningAirborne Microplastic Detection, Origin, Transport and Global Radiative ImpactBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 999 00002.09.2022
334093FolkehelseinstituttetParenthood, childlessness, and mental health in times of falling fertilityBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334119NTNUInternet Gaming and Psychosocial Development from Childhood to Emerging Adulthood—An Ecological Process ModelBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334148UiT - Norges arktiske universitetPersistence or change? Lessons from the introduction of enhetsskolen in Denmark and NorwayBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 10 106 00002.09.2022
334202Universitetet i AgderUltra-Efficient Energy Harvesting with Antiferromagnetic ThermoelectricsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334323HavforskningsinstituttetFishing-induced eco-evolutionary changes in coastal environments: Atlantic cod as a case studyBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 759 00002.09.2022
334326Universitetet i OsloUncovering novel clinical characteristics, risk factors and brain phenotypes across the spectrum of adolescent psychosis.Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334361Universitetet i OsloDefective mitophagy in Alzheimer Tau pathology: Mechanistic studies and AI-based drug development (‘AM-AI’)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334377Universitetet i OsloARCREATE. An Archaeology of Creative Knowledge in Turbulent TimesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334411Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i OsloProvenance Projected: Architecture Past and Future in the Era of CircularityBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 671 00002.09.2022
334437Universitetet i BergenEpigenetic Control of Obesity-induced Tumor Initiation in Breast CancerBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334466NTNUFourier Methods and Multiplicative AnalysisBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334480NasjonalbiblioteketMade Abroad: Producing Norwegian World Literature in a Time of Rupture, 1900-50Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 986 00002.09.2022
334487Universitetet i OsloMachine Learning about the Economy: Labor, Macro and IOBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334585VeterinærinstituttetChronic wasting disease prions from Norwegian cervids: Assessing the pathogenesis, shedding, spillover and zoonotic potentialBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 998 00002.09.2022
334603NTNUReligious and Secular Worldmaking: Narrative Cultures of Utopian Emigration and the Formation of Modern Regimes of AttentionBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 10 776 00002.09.2022
334652NTNUEstablishing next-generation pioneering models for interface mass transfer, breakup and coalescence in turbulent flowBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334654Universitetet i OsloBEYOND ELASTICITY - How inelastic properties of crustal rocks control the propagation of dykes and sills in volcanic plumbing systemsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334787NTNUDecoding the intracellular complement system in inflammatory reactionsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334805Universitetet i OsloUnlocking molecular diversity in the brain-to-body gateway: spatial transcriptomics and proteomics of brainstem-to-spinal cord projectionsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334817Universitetet i BergenThe illusion of empty blind zones: How things may seem to appear out of nowhere in magic shows and road accidentsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334862Oslo universitetssykehus HFLearning from Deep learningBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 958 00002.09.2022
334953Universitetet i OsloPrivate knowledge, public issues: Digitalization and private economies of knowledge in criminal justiceBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 986 00002.09.2022
334965Universitetet i OsloConditions for earthquake nucleation in the lower crustBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334977Institutt for fredsforskning - PRIOThe Uncertainty of Forecasting Fatalities in Armed Conflict (UFFAC)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 997 00002.09.2022
335017Universitetet i StavangerThe machinery positioning chlorophyll in Cytochrome b6fBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 998 00002.09.2022
335022Universitetet i OsloDiamond and Gallium Oxide Interfaces for Power Electronics DevicesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335029Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitetSPORE NANOFIBER: Exploring novel extremely heat and chemically resilient nanofibers expressed on bacterial sporesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335044Universitetet i BergenPaving the way for rational RNA-ligand designBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 999 00002.09.2022
335093Universitetet i BergenPathogenesis of autoimmune Addison’s disease and polyendocrine syndromes – identifying pathologies and pathways for future treatmentBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335162Universitetsmuseet i BergenGamma-ray-glow Effects on Atmospheric Electricity and ChemistryBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 997 00002.09.2022
335204NTNUIntestinal epithelial cells: Central coordinators in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and targets for treatmentBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 907 00002.09.2022
335230Universitetet i BergenThe nutritional regulation of cellular quiescence in animalsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 9 886 00002.09.2022
335244Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitetBoosting the bee: Leveraging the structural capabilities of the lipoprotein Vitellogenin to support honey bee (Apis mellifera) health.Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 985 00002.09.2022
335255Universitetet i BergenOverturning circulation in the new ArcticBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 663 00002.09.2022
335287Universitetet i BergenThe People of Norway (Norges Befolkning)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 10 500 00002.09.2022
335324NTNUFunction of aberrant DNA methylation in shaping neuronal genome during neurodevelopmentBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 996 00002.09.2022
335381Norsk utenrikspolitisk instituttRe-gendering diplomacyBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 996 00002.09.2022
335448Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning ASManagement Practices and Gender gaps: Mechanisms behind the Gender Gap in Career Progression (MAP-GAP)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335530Universitetet i BergenUnderstanding Male GamersBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335582Universitetet i BergenMapping the sensory processes underlying settlement and metamorphosis in a marine environment using the protochordate Ciona intestinalis.Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 121 00002.09.2022
335600Universitetet i OsloDISTRIBUTE: Do Fundamental Resource Distribution Principles of Need, Effort & Coalition Size Manifest Even in the Infant Mind ?Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335700Universitetet i AgderCaReLearner: Causal Reasoning with Logical Interpretable LearningBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335772Universitetet i BergenLife at the periphery: the workings of proteins at the surface of cell and organelle membranesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335795Universitetet i OsloDJEMBEDANCE - Multimodal rhythm in music and dance from West AfricaBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335832UiT - Norges arktiske universitetA CubeSat formation for space debris characterisationBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335855Stiftelsen Frischsenteret for samfunnsøkonomisk forskningImproving the monitoring, treatment and prevention of population drug abuseBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335901Universitetet i BergenFlickerPRINT for Monitoring Intracellular Droplet OrganellesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 998 00002.09.2022
335940OsloMetVirtual-Eye - Learning from human eye scanpaths for optimal autonomous searchBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 11 840 00002.09.2022
336050Universitetet i OsloThe influence of experts on public policyBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
336078Universitetet i OsloEarly Life SocioEconomic status, mental health, and educational performance: an evaluation of sensitivity to the environment (ELiSE)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334552STATISTISK SENTRALBYRÅThe green transition: Instrument design, employment and long-lived capitalDet grønne skiftetNOK 7 063 00002.09.2022
335043INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGGreening the economy- Facilitating Innovation, Economics and Labour DemandDet grønne skiftetNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335878CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGNorway in the European green transition - Strategies and policy measures combining cost-effective emission reduction with high acceptabilityDet grønne skiftetNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334097UNIVERSITETET I BERGEN Single Cell Data-derived European Study for Personalised Management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Children and AdolescentsDiagnostikk, behandling og tjenestetilbudNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334750UNIVERSITETET I BERGENVirtual darkness and digital phenotyping in specialized and municipal dementia care: The DARK.DEM randomized controlled trial.Diagnostikk, behandling og tjenestetilbudNOK 10 621 00002.09.2022
335258OSLO UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUS HFPrecisionCare: Improving pathways to care for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorderDiagnostikk, behandling og tjenestetilbudNOK 11 995 00002.09.2022
335731NTNUFAMREUN Family Reunification and Unaccompanied Refugee Minors: Psychosocial Health, Integration and Support ServicesDiagnostikk, behandling og tjenestetilbudNOK 10 362 00002.09.2022
335495Universitetet i BergenEffectiveness of peer counseling in addressing psychological distress and exposure to violence among LGBTI population in NepalGlobal helseNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335643Universitetet i OsloPRESHA Project - PREventing Severe Hypertensive Adverse events in pregnancy and childbirthGlobal helseNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335788Universitetet i OsloBits, bytes and bodies: Local innovation and digital healthcare in TanzaniaGlobal helseNOK 7 643 00002.09.2022
335889NTNURandomised controlled trial in Nepal: Implementing point-of-care-tests and identifying barriers to reduce antibiotics for vaginal dischargeGlobal helseNOK 6 898 00002.09.2022
335008Norsk institutt for bioøkonomiFood security through better sanitation: the case of urine recyclingGlobal matsikkerhetNOK 10 770 00002.09.2022
336061STIFTELSEN RURALIS INSTITUTT FOR RURAL- OG REGIONALFORSKNINGCreating Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems in Refugee Hosting Contexts in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)Global matsikkerhetNOK 11 993 00002.09.2022
334327NORD UNIVERSITET BODØPriming as a kelp engineering technology to enhance yield and secure production under environmental challengesHavbrukNOK 10 575 00002.09.2022
334333NOFIMA ASGenetics of multi-pathogen resistance in Atlantic salmonHavbrukNOK 11 976 00002.09.2022
335758NOFIMA ASRegional adipose tissue depots in Atlantic salmon and their importance to fish healthHavbrukNOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335990NOFIMA ASImproving resistance of farmed Atlantic cod to francisellosis: interplay between host-pathogen interactions, environment, and geneticsHavbrukNOK 11 996 00002.09.2022
336037VETERINÆRINSTITUTTETMicrobial endocrinology as an instigator of bacterial fish diseaseHavbrukNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
336112NORD UNIVERSITET BODØNovel insights into the epigenetic landscape of puberty onset in Atlantic codHavbrukNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334594Institutt for fredsforskning - PRIODevelopmental Peace? Perceptions of China’s Engagement in Pakistan and Afghanistan [AsiaPeace]Internasjonale relasjoner, utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitikkNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334820FRIDTJOF NANSEN STIFTELSEN PÅ POLHØGDAChina’s changing role in global environmental governance. A prism for understanding its key role in other world order issues.Internasjonale relasjoner, utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitikkNOK 9 686 00002.09.2022
335422NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTChina and Evolving Multilateral Craftmanship in the Age of Digitalization (CHIMULTI)Internasjonale relasjoner, utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitikkNOK 11 975 00002.09.2022
334541UiT - Norges arktiske universitetReproductive toxicity and transgenerational effects of petroleum mixtures in fishMarinNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334596UiT - Norges arktiske universitetMEltwater release of heavy meTALs from gLacIer to ocean in a Changing ArcticMarinNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334739UNIVERSITETET I BERGENWhales and polar bear in a petri dish: decoding marine mammal toxicology through in vitro and in silico approaches – Marma-detoxMarinNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335371HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET FORSKNINGSSTASJONEN FLØDEVIGENKelp forests in the Anthropocene: unravelling impacts of warming and marine heatwaves from genes to ecosystemsMarinNOK 11 141 00002.09.2022
335391NTNUPlastics as a potential vector for spread of antimicrobial resistance and pathogens from wastewater discharge in the marine environmentMarinNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335512NORSK POLARINSTITUTTI-CRYME: Impact of CRYosphere Melting on Southern Ocean Ecosystems and biogeochemical cyclesMarinNOK 11 993 00002.09.2022
335549Naturhistorisk museumThe role of gene flow in the evolution of Antarctic icefishesMarinNOK 11 483 00002.09.2022
335887NINA BERGENUnderstanding human-induced trophic cascades in coastal ecosystemsMarinNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335073Universitetet i OsloAccelerating Climate Action and the State: Getting to Net Zero (ACCELZ)NullutslippssamfunnNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335291CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGFlying less and well-being. Engaging Norwegians in reducing the flight intensity of social practices.NullutslippssamfunnNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335505CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGGoverning under turbulence: The European Green Deal and implications for NorwayNullutslippssamfunnNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335706NTNUCLIMATE RIGHTS: Designing Visual Evidence for Climate CasesNullutslippssamfunnNOK 8 921 00002.09.2022
335927IdrettshøgskolenFrom climate knowledge to climate action in sportNullutslippssamfunnNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
336041NINA TRONDHEIMNature-based solutions for end use of degraded peat – impacts on climate, biodiversity and policy (PEATWAY)NullutslippssamfunnNOK 11 965 00002.09.2022
336049Universitetet i OsloExposure Assessment and Prevention of Death, Disease and Injuries among Offshore Petroleum WorkersPetroleumNOK 10 000 00002.09.2022
334659UNIVERSITETET I BERGENHow Norway Made the World WhiterSamfunnsutviklingens kulturelle forutsetningerNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335129UNIVERSITETET I BERGENExtending Digital NarrativeSamfunnsutviklingens kulturelle forutsetningerNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335436NTNUNon-safety assessments of genome-edited animals: ethical and regulatory challenges and solutionsSamfunnsutviklingens kulturelle forutsetningerNOK 11 386 00002.09.2022
335278Universitetet i OsloIndigenous language resilience: From learners to speakersSamiskNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334443Velferdsforskningsinstituttet NOVA - OsloMetTomorrow’s inequalities in the making: Processes of life chance differentiation within and outside of education (LIFECHANCES)UtdanningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334698Høgskulen på VestlandetTASTE Didactics - Food and Critical ThinkingUtdanningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
334854NTNUComparing the Organization of Durable Inequalities in Childhood: Inequality in childhoods, schools and associated welfare systemsUtdanningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335634Universitetet i OsloWhy do educational difficulties run in families? Genetically sensitive observational and intervention research on home learning environmentUtdanningNOK 12 000 00002.09.2022
335687Nord UniversitetLearning across boundaries in elderly care (LABCare): Enabling expansive learning in and across vocational education and workplace practicesUtdanningNOK 11 993 00002.09.2022
335416 Griegakademiet - Institutt for musikk Sounding Relation: Use of music microanalysis to explore parental contributions to premature infant regulation in the neonatal context Diagnostikk, behandling og tjenestetilbud 15.09.2022
334299VID Vitenskapelige høgskole Transloyalties in Citizenship Education Utdanning 15.09.2022
335647NTNUVisualizing the Deep Sea in the Age of Climate ChangeSamfunnsutviklingens kulturelle forutsetningerNOK 12 000 00028.11.2022
335373Universitetet i OsloTranslatability of Oil: The Cultural Work of Critical PetroaestheticsSamfunnsutviklingens kulturelle forutsetningerNOK 12 000 00028.11.2022

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