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Collaborative Project to Meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges

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28 Jan 2022

Please note that the amount of funding announced within some of the topics may be reduced due to changes in the central government budget. This means that less funding than announced may be allocated within the thematic areas.


The purpose of this call is to develop new knowledge and generate research competence needed by society or the business sector to address important societal challenges. The projects are to encourage and support collaboration between research organisations and stakeholders from outside the research sector that represent societal and/or industry-related needs for knowledge and research competence.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
5 407 695 000
Amount awarded
781 632 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
336354NMBU VeterinærhøgskolenCausal categorisation of mortality as a model system for sustainable growth and increased value creation in aquacultureHav - HavbrukN/A13.06.2022
336398ARKITEKTUR- OG DESIGNHØGSKOLEN I OSLOOpenRemote - Harmonising design of remote connected maritime workstationsHav - MaritimN/A13.06.2022
336454SINTEF OCEAN ASHydrodynamic Aspects of Green ShippingHav - MaritimN/A13.06.2022
336527NORCE Teknologi/ Energi VestlandEnergy efficient operation of hydrogen powered vesselsHav - MaritimN/A13.06.2022
336539NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUNuclear Propulsion of Merchant Ships 1Hav - MaritimN/A13.06.2022
336573Norsk regnesentralInclusive Digital ApplicationVelferd, kultur og samfunnN/A15.06.2022
336594FolkehelseinstituttetMaintaining the Functional Capacity of the WorkforceVelferd, kultur og samfunnN/A15.06.2022
336235FNIUnderstanding Energy Poverty in Norway (PowerPoor) Energi, transport og lavutslippN/A16.06.2022
336432TØI curbing Fisheries' and Aquaculture's Maritime air EmissionsEnergi, transport og lavutslipp N/A16.06.2022
336386VestlandsforskningCreating sustainable renewable energy futures with low climate risksEnergi, transport og lavutslipp N/A16.06.2022
336324TØICircular Economy, Life-cycle assessment, Electrification and Car Transactions (CELECT)Energi, transport og lavutslipp N/A16.06.2022
336334HavforskningsinstituttetEffects of floating wind farms on the marine ecosystem, with a focus on pelagic fishEnergi, transport og lavutslipp N/A16.06.2022
336417NTNUCOMposite electrolytes for solid-state BATteries by designEnergi, transport og lavutslipp N/A16.06.2022
336162 Universitetet i Stavanger Partners in practice: Establishing a system for educational development towards student participationUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336210NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITETLeadership and Learning for the Development of Teachers’ Professional Digital CompetenceUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336230Høgskulen på VestlandetSEMPER: Self-Efficacy in Mathematics, Pathways in Education and ResearchUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336259NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET New perspectives on inclusion as a process in heterogenous school environmentsUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336273OsloMetVibrant Connection. Perpetuation and Transformation of Musical Cultural Heritage in Early Childhood ProfessionsUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336289Nordic Institute for studies in innovation, research and education PULSE - Promoting active school travel to improve mood and performanceUtdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336471NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITETYourMove! Developing an App-Delivered Motivation Programme for Physical Activity Education in High Schools (Upper Secondary/VGS)Utdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336181NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDBe-Prox. An effectiveness study of a bullying intervention in Norwegian kindergartens.Utdanning og kompetanseN/A17.06.2022
336618NMBUExit and effective reintegration of violent extremist in ScandinaviaDemokrati, styring og fornyelse N/A20.06.2022
336256Universitetet i OsloDemocratic innovations and responsive politiciansDemokrati, styring og fornyelse N/A20.06.2022
336447NTNU SAMFUNNSFORSKNING ASImproving Integration and Active Citizenship for Low-Literate Adult RefugeesDemokrati, styring og fornyelseN/A 20.06.2022
336248OsloMetSmall city regions – development, resilience and sustainabilityDemokrati, styring og fornyelseN/A20.06.2022
336285Nord UniversitetCollaboration Complexity in Nuclear Emergency Preparedness in the Maritime ArcticDemokrati, styring og fornyelseN/A20.06.2022
336375SINTEF AS Autonomous Marine Biodiversity Mapping and Bioprospecting Platform (AMBIOS)Muliggjørende teknologierN/A20.06.2022
336213 Havforsknings InsituttetSALMON BROODSTOCK CARRYING STERILTY TO THE NEXT GENERATIONMuliggjørende teknologierN/A20.06.2022
336136NOFIMA ASARRIVAL of cellular agriculture- Enabling biotechnology for future food productionMuliggjørende teknologierN/A20.06.2022
336352UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØChronic pelvic pain - replacing ignorance with competence. A population-based joint venture study on scope, diagnostics and burdenHelse - Kvinners helseN/A21.06.2022
336239NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITETGut microbiota alterations in anorexia nervosa - paving the way for personalized prebiotic treatment strategies Helse - Kvinners helseN/A21.06.2022
336307 UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGERImproving mental health services with and for indigenous and ethnic minority youthHelse - Forebygging, behandling og tjenesterN/A21.06.2022
336341 UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET REinventing STrategies for healthy Ageing; Recommendations and Tools (RESTART) A randomized controlled trial (RCT) Helse - Forebygging, behandling og tjenesterN/A21.06.2022
336283FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTETRegistry tool for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation in Norway – RegTool AFNORHelse - Forebygging, behandling og tjenesterN/A21.06.2022
336551NORD UNIVERSITETMedSafe-Old: Ensuring medication safety for older recipients of municipal home care servicesHelse - Forebygging, behandling og tjenesterN/A21.06.2022
336567OSLO UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUS HFPersonalized treatment and care for chronic hepatitis BHelse - Forebygging, behandling og tjenesterN/A21.06.2022
336357NIVAFuture Drinking Water Levels of Nitrosamines and Nitramines near a CO2 Capture PlantEnergi, transport og lavutslipp - CO2-håndtering N/A22.06.2022
336570NIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI Understanding the effect of cover crops on soil health, soilborne pathogens, yield and quality of potatoes and root vegetables Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og matN/A24.06.2022
336311NIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI Visions and the consequences - analysing visions for Norwegian agriculture and its consequences for food security Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og mat N/A24.06.2022
336381 STIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINA Enabling synergies among value creation, climate adaptation, biodiversity, and sustainable use of temperate broadleaf forests Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og mat N/A24.06.2022
336445HØGSKOLEN I INNLANDETSustainable silvopasture systems in the boreal forest for sheep production, forestry and multipurpose valuesLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og matN/A24.06.2022
336505NIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMI Cascading recycling of organic N-sources with next-generation biochar fertilizer for Norwegian agricultureLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og matN/A24.06.2022
336317STIFTELSEN RURALIS INSTITUTT FOR RURAL- OG REGIONALFORSKNING AGRISOCIAL: Towards a socially sustainable green transition for agriculture and rural communitiesLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Bærekraftig landbruk og matN/A24.06.2022
336237CICERO Enabling transition to circular economic consumer practices for e-products in NorwaySirkulær økonomiN/A24.06.2022
336488NTNU1-2-TRE-STEG: Steps towards circularity in wood-based buildingSirkulær økonomi N/A24.06.2022
336589NOFIMA ASRecyclable food contact packaging based on recycled fiber and removable barrierSirkulær økonomiN/A24.06.2022
336617NILUEfficient Recycling of E-Waste through Automated and Intelligent Resource DataflowSirkulær økonomiN/A24.06.2022
336251 VETERINÆRINSTITUTTETCould fungi be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the plastic litter problem?Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Miljøgifter og forurensning N/A24.06.2022
336253NIBIOAgricultural mitigation measures and the value of water quality improvementsLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Miljøgifter og forurensning N/A24.06.2022
336377VETERINÆRINSTITUTTETProgress to environmentally safer rodenticidesLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Miljøgifter og forurensning N/A24.06.2022
336400NIVAProtecting agricultural lands from plastic pollutionLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser - Miljøgifter og forurensningN/A24.06.2022
336184 VeterinærinstituttetBiotransforming mycotoxin-contaminated raw materials into valuable feed sources by detoxification in insect larvaeJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA) N/A24.06.2022
336233Norges miljø- og biovitenskap, NMBUelige universitetModified pulpwood fibres to replace peat as a sustainable growing medium in professional horticulture (PeatFree)Jordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336263Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning ASOPTINORFARM - Economic and Environmental Optimization of Norwegian FarmsJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336295Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet, NMBUMoove–Preparing Norwegian livestock against new threats: implications of cattle movements for antimicrobial resistance and emerging diseasesJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336302NIBIOTastyStrawberry: Sustainable optimization of modern cultivation practice for taste improvement of Norwegian strawberriesJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336315Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet, NMBU Increased protein production from Norwegian barley for animal feedJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA) N/A24.06.2022
336360RISE PFI ASNext generation food packaging materials - wood fibre based packaging with biobased water and gas barriersJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336475 Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet, NMBUSustainable weed control in cereals by combining subsidiary crops and minimal soil disturbanceJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336581SINTEF ENERGI ASHybrid, energy-efficient farming by combined greenhouse and vertical growthJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336603Høgskulen på VestlandetFutuRaPS: Future Raspberry Production System for Western NorwayJordbruk og matindustri (FFL/JA)N/A24.06.2022
336434STIFTELSEN RURALIS INSTITUTT FOR RURAL- OG REGIONALFORSKNING Building Resilient Blue Places? The importance of Equity and Blue Space in Assembling a Blue Economy in the context of Climate ChangeAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022
336408UNIVERSITETET I BERGENAdaptive co-management to enhance biocultural diversity and sustainable development in coastal communitiesAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022
336200SAMFUNNS- OG NÆRINGSLIVSFORSKNING ASDeveloping flexible instruments for mixed fisheriesAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022
336489NORCE Miljø/Klima VESTLAND Return of the otter: Aggravation of human-wildlife conflicts and potential for mitigation strategies for coastal areas under pressureAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022
336465STIFTELSEN TELEMARKSFORSKINGSustainable COASTal RECreation – the role and potential of voluntary organizations and civic engagement in coastal areas under pressureAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022
336198FRIDTJOF NANSEN STIFTELSEN PÅ POLHØGDA Sustainable management of coastal areas: Salmon farm locations and environmental statusAreal under pressN/A29.06.2022

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