Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Valid from 2022

The portfolio plan is based on the Government's long-term plan for research and higher education and the Research Council's strategy, and it is operationalized through investment plans and calls for proposals. The plan describes the portfolio's scope, goals, priorities, measures, expected outputs, outcomes, and impacts, as well as how the portfolio is financed. It describes measures that the portfolio board itself will implement and measures that must be implemented through investments made by others.  

The portfolio plan has a 5 to 10 years perspective. The plan will be completed in 2022, in a period of an ongoing corona pandemic, threatening climate and nature crisis, and a security situation in Europe that affects access to food, energy, etc. The challenges we face, and the great upheavals of recent years necessitates that the plan has a built-in flexibility that enables us to change course and take on new challenges as they arise. The portfolio plan describes the framework for the portfolio and planned overall measures. Specific priorities and measures are specified in the three-year investment plan, which is updated annually. The basis for the investment plan is in addition to this portfolio plan, annual portfolio analyses, allocated budgets, and the portfolio board's long-term budget. 

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