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Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal (Thematic Priority Call)

This call does not include funding for the topic Ground-breaking research (FRIPRO). The FRIPRO call for Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal will be published later. 

Important dates

20 Dec 2022

Date call is made active

08 Feb 2023

Application submission deadline

15 Sep 2023

Earliest permitted project start

01 Apr 2024

Latest permitted project start

31 Mar 2030

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


Funding is intended to support scientific renewal and development in research that can help to advance the international research front. This call is therefore targeted towards researchers who have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality. Which disciplines and research areas the call is open for, are specified under each thematic area and topic.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
Kr 5 796 727 000‬
Amount awarded
631 057 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
343189HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETCharacterizing the migratory strategies of Atlantic lumpfish to improve stock assessment of this commercially important speciesHav9 994 00015.06.2023
343147UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGER ARKEOLOGISK MUSEUMMarine resource gathering and infrastructure in the Norse North AtlanticHav10 000 00015.06.2023
343115HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETWelfare conscious capture and slaughter of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus L.) in the Norwegian rod and line fishery.Hav10 000 15.06.2023
343348NORD UNIVERSITET BODØNovel perspectives on non-invasive cetacean research using microRNA biomarkers in the exhaled breath (blow)Hav9 993 00015.06.2023
343129Institutt for arktisk og marin biologiHubSmolt: a novel genetic locus defining seawater consequences of freshwater rearing conditions in Atlantic salmonHav12 000 00015.06.2023
344010HAVFORSKNINGS-INSTITUTTETDoes feed-borne exposure to emerging mycotoxins during the freshwater phase affect salmon growth and performance later in life? - MYTOXAHav11 991 00015.06.2023
343249Western Norway University of Applied SciencesREBALANCE: Towards economic, environmental, and social sustainability in the Norwegian salmon farming industryHav8 000 00015.06.2023
344022SINTEF OCEAN ASComputer Vision and Artificial Intelligence based Salmon Identification and automated long-term welfare assessment in aquaculture net-pensHav12 000 00015.06.2023
343277SINTEF OCEAN AS - AquacultureNon-Invasive Biological Warning Systems: monitoring of farmed fish and environment to improve welfare in aquaculture systemsHav12 000 00015.06.2023
344027NTNU Social ResearchPost Consumption Citizenship: Conditions for and practices of engagement in sustainable well-beingLandbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser 6 000 00019.06.2023
343289OsloMet StorbyuniversitetetCollaborative innovation for reduced consumption: What governance factors drive transition from linear to circular economy?Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser 8 560 00019.06.2023
343282NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDUnderstanding societal conflict in consumption reduction (SCORE)Landbasert mat, miljø og bioressurser 9 082 00019.06.2023
343183By- og Regionforskningsinstituttet NIBR, OsloMet - StorbyuniversitetetIndigenous representation in majority-based parties and “the green shift”: Structures, strategies, and policy effectsSAMISK5 948 00020.06.2023
343397AKVAPLAN-NIVA ASFrom Climatic Drivers to Antarctic Ice Sheet Response: Improving Accuracy in Sea Level Rise ProjectionsKlima og polar9 999 00021.06.2023
343293UNIS - Avdeling for arktisk geologiClimate-driven methane outgassing at terrestrial and marine-terminating glacier marginsKlima og polar9 988 00021.06.2023
343086NORCE Miljø/Klima VESTLANDReconstructing the biological carbon pump with ancient plankton DNAKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343414NORD UNIVERSITETClimate change and harvesting impacts on the pelagic fish community of Lake TanganyikaKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343511STIFTELSEN NANSEN SENTER FOR MILJØ OG FJERNMÅLINGClimate Change impact on the marine Coastal ecosystem of Kerala (C3-eKerala)Klima og polar9 996 00021.06.2023
343437NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)Predicting the impact of drought and increased temperatures on boreal forest ecosystems in NorwayKlima og polar9 997 00021.06.2023
343238NORCE Miljø/Klima VESTLANDPresent and past climate change impacts on Norwegian fjord ecosystemsKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343252Administrasjon UITArctic forest futures - An integrative approach to understanding and anticipating ecological transitions in the forest-tundra ecotoneKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343398STIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINAIntegrating past evolution, adaptive capacity, and dispersal in population viability analysis under climate changeKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343110NILU - STIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR LUFTFORSKNINGDevelopment and evaluation of a model-based strategy to identify POP-like chemicals with a potential to accumulate on SvalbardKlima og polar9 999 00021.06.2023
343266NINA OSLOInteractive effects of pollutants and climate on seabirds Arctic Coastal ecosystems (ClimACTox)Klima og polar11 733 00021.06.2023
343097UNIS - Avdeling for arktisk biologiINSULATE: How above- and belowground biotic traits shape insulation of permafrost in a warming ArcticKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343352UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET UIT CAMPUS TROMSØOptimisation of the Kongsfjorden Rijpfjorden Observatory ProgramKlima og polar10 000 00021.06.2023
343466UNIS - Avdeling for arktisk biologiDeep-soil nutrient effects on the permafrost carbon-climate feedbackKlima og polar9 999 00021.06.2023
342925Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO) Screening Early and Adaptively for Language SkillsUtdanning og kompetanse7 609 00023.06.2023
343052FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTET Pubertal Timing and Inequalities in EducationUtdanning og kompetanse9 999 00023.06.2023
343263USN, Campus Vestfold,  Institutt for matematikk og naturfag Developing Human Rights Values in Mathematics Teacher Education: Education with and by Youth (ViMTE)Utdanning og kompetanse9 996 000 23.06.2023
342918NORDISK INSTITUTT FOR STUDIER AV INNOVASJON, FORSKNING OG UTDANNING (NIFU) Designing incentive systems in higher educationUtdanning og kompetanse10 000 00023.06.2023
343159UIS, Læringsmiljøsenteret Life skills in theory and practice. Knowledge base, perceptions and implementation of an interdisciplinary topic in Norwegian schoolsUtdanning og kompetanse10 000 00023.06.2023
343370UIO, Psykologisk institutt Training better clinical psychologists: new methods based on machine learning, AI, and deliberate practiceUtdanning og kompetanse9 999 00023.06.2023
343248University of BergenEmollient therapy for very low birthweight infants (<1500g) in Uganda: effects on survival, infection, growth and developmentGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner12 000 00026.06.2023
343441University of OsloRapid diagnosis of key aetiologies of sepsis and associated infections in LMICs using CRISPR-based assaysGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner12 000 00026.06.2023
343060Vestfold Hospital TrustDecentralization of hepatitis B care in sub-Saharan AfricaGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner12 000 00026.06.2023
343394Norwegian University of Science and Technology"Children’s Lung Study in Dhulikhel A longitudinal multidisciplinary approach in children’s lower respiratory tract infections"Global utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner12 000 00026.06.2023
342924Fridtjof Nansen StiftelsenJoint Fisheries Management in the Barents Sea after Russia's invation of UkraineGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner6 400 00026.06.2023
344073Norsk utenrikspolitiske instituttPower Politics and Security in the ArcticGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner7 000 00026.06.2023
343154Fridtjof Nansen StiftelsenUnpacking Arctic Security Dynamics: A 3D approach to geopolitics in the Barents and Bearing SeasGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner5 996 00026.06.2023
343446NMBUNordic Space Infrastructures - Environment, Security, and Future Imaginaries of Outer Space in the High NorthGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner7 000 00026.06.2023
343407FredsforskningsinstituttetPeace as continuation of war by other means? Russian Approaches to Peace Processes (RAPP)Global utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner7 000 00026.06.2023
343244Forsvarets HøgskoleThe Russian Hybrid Intelligence StateGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner6 999 00026.06.2023
343106Forsvarets forskningsinstituttPolitical and Societal Violence in RussiaGlobal utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner6 999 00026.06.2023
344000Statistisk sentralbyråMen without Education and Work: A Crisis UnfoldingVelferd, kultur og samfunn5 996 00014.09.2023
343381FrischsenteretWhat is driving the increasing youth disability insurance receipt in Norway?Velferd, kultur og samfunn12 000 00014.09.2023
344015NTNUMaking the green shift work for regionsVelferd, kultur og samfunn11 991 00014.09.2023
343334Stiftinga VestlandsforskingJUST TRANSFORM: Enabling a sustainable, just, and inclusive twin green-digital transformationVelferd, kultur og samfunn11 997 00014.09.2023
343308FafoPhasing in and phasing out: Reworking labour in energy transitions in the North SeaVelferd, kultur og samfunn12 000 00014.09.2023
343200NIFUGreen and just LAbour Market (GLAM)Velferd, kultur og samfunn5 997 00014.09.2023
343454FolkehelseinstituttetYoung adults’ mental health and labor market exclusion - causes, consequences, and trendsVelferd, kultur og samfunn11 993 00014.09.2023
343550OSLO UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUS HFOptimizing treatment for children and adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in sustained remission: The MyJIA-Ahead trialHelse11 992 00019.09.2023
343236NASJONALT KUNNSKAPSSENTER OM VOLD OG TRAUMATISK STRESS ASResponding to Mental Health Problems in Victims of Sexual AssaultHelse12 000 00019.09.2023
343518HELSE FONNA HFDementia with Lewy bodies in women: combating misdiagnosis through sex-specific biomarkers of disease risk and progressionHelse12 000 00019.09.2023
343168UNIVERSITETET I BERGENImpaired microcirculation and tissue hypoxia as a possible mechanism in ME/CFSHelse12 000 00019.09.2023
343448SYKEHUSET ØSTFOLD HFThe Norwegian WHO Labour Care Guide trial: a stepped wedge multicentre cluster randomised trial for safety and wellbeing in labourHelse4 932 00019.09.2023
344065NORDLANDSSYKEHUSET HFExplaining the gender difference in sickness absence and testing the efficacy of a clinical intervention to promote return to work in womenHelse12 000 00019.09.2023
343102UNIVERSITETET I OSLO, Institutt for biovitenskapA novel nanotopography-based approach for reshaping nuclear morphology and gene transcriptionNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 10 000 00002.10.2023
343306SINTEF DigitalMicrofabrication of finely segmented Silicon sensors with charge multiplication for next generation LIGHt sources and particle TrackersNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 9 890 00002.10.2023
343124NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNU, Institutt for materialteknologiDynamic high electrical energy density storage capacitorsNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 10 000 00002.10.2023
344062UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGERNeutron Scattering and Atomistic Simulations for a SUPERior Understanding of SUPERionic ConductionNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 8 525 00002.10.2023
343136UNIVERSITETET I OSLO, Senter for materialvitenskap og nanoteknologiCuprous Single Sites in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Fuel Synthesis by Electrocatalytic CO2 ReductionNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 9 817 00002.10.2023
343267UNIVERSITETET I OSLO, Senter for materialvitenskap og nanoteknologiCombinatorial Materials Science for Protonic Electrochemical Energy ConversionNanoteknologi/avanserte materialer 10 000 00002.10.2023
343173UIODesigning with/out Extractive MaterialsVelferd, kultur og samfunn9 722 00026.10.2023
343360UIOGREENGROWTH - Green growth and Sami Stakeholders. Public debate on Green resource extraction in SápmiSamisk10 000 00026.10.2023

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