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Researcher Project for Young Talents


Funding is intended to give talented young researchers under the age of 40 in all disciplines and thematic areas the opportunity to pursue their ideas and lead a research project. This call is targeted towards researchers in the early stages of their careers, 2–7 years after defence of an approved doctorate, who have demonstrated the potential to conduct research of high scientific quality.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
3 728 279 000
Amount awarded
262 263 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
334144Universitetet i StavangerGood Fire: An Environmental History of Prescribed Burning in Norway and the NorthBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334328Oslo universitetssykehus HFDecoding the Cancer Stem Cell Niche in Triple-Negative Breast CancerBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 816 00002.09.2022
334444Universitetet i OsloAdvances in unstable motivic homotopy theory (ADUM)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 994 00002.09.2022
334606Universitetet i OsloWord, Sound and Power: The Lyrical Making of African Diaspora FuturesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 883 00002.09.2022
334615CICERO Senter for klimaforskningPolitical Parties and Climate Change: Positions, Polarisation and Policy Relevance (PARTYCLIM)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334622Universitetet i OsloA 100 Myr paleomagnetic data gap: Investigating anomalous behaviour of Earth’s magnetic field in the middle PaleozoicBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 999 00002.09.2022
334633NTNUCoordination between cell wall integrity and cell cycle activity in plantsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 906 00002.09.2022
334676NTNUA sucker for taste – Octopus chemotactile sense as a model for molecular evolution and ecological adaptations in marine chemosensory systemsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 995 00002.09.2022
334689Universitetet i OsloLabor Entanglements across the Atlantic: US-Scandinavian Activism, Networks and Visions for Society in the Twentieth CenturyBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334724Norsk institutt for naturforskning - NINASounds like Norway: the aural experiences of outdoor life and biodiversityBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 385 00002.09.2022
334912Norges handelshøyskoleFIRM POWER, WORKER POWER, AND THE STRUCTURE OF LABOR MARKETSBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334920Universitetet i OsloPrediction and Stratification of Substance Use in Bipolar Disorder to Improve Disease Outcome (PASS-BD)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334997Universitetet i OsloKeyMAT: Advanced Synthesis Designs to Unlock Redox/Acidity Cooperativity in Nanoporous Materials for Selective Oxidation ReactionsBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335111Universitetet i OsloEvolutionary Convergence in Historical Oceans: The case of whales and ichthyosaursBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335227Universitetet i BergenWhy, how, and where do magnetic fields discharge?Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 495 00002.09.2022
335380Universitetet i OsloLabour market institutions, technological change and inequalityBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335388Universitetet i StavangerUncovering the nature of dark matter in the multi-messenger eraBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 970 00002.09.2022
335497Universitetet i OsloTracing the impact of evolved stars on the Galactic chemical enrichmentBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 995 00002.09.2022
335519SINTEFSaltyPORE: Salt precipitation in porous aquifers during CO2 injectionBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335688Universitetet i OsloEngaging intracellular immunity to eradicate neurodegenerative diseaseBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335737Chr. Michelsens instituttConservation Labor: A New frontier in Labor Theory and Conservation Science (CONLAB)Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335746FolkehelseinstituttetHealthcare Workers Well-Being and Safety (WeBeSafe): Ensuring a Sustainable Workforce in the Healthcare sector for the 21st CenturyBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335828Vestre Viken HFAssessing the presence of covert consciousness in unresponsive dying patients. A translational research project.Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 7 872 00002.09.2022
335842Oslo universitetssykehus HFRuptured nuclear envelopes in cancerBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335903Stiftelsen NORSARAirborne Inversion of Rayleigh wavesBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
336085FolkehelseinstituttetNeurodevelopmental cascades and resilience in the context of the family environmentBanebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)NOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334819HavforskningsinstituttetEcophysiology of Atlantic salmon: Genetics versus EnvironmentHavbrukNOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
334821NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)(DigiFishent): Digital phenotyping for more feed and resource efficient Atlantic salmonHavbrukNOK 7 959 00002.09.2022
334760HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETThe impact of climate change on Arctic blue carbon (BlueARC)MarinNOK 7 997 00002.09.2022
334996HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET AVD BERGENPlankton size and planktivore competition along the Norwegian coast and fjords: ecological implications of warmer and darker watersMarinNOK 7 998 00002.09.2022
335489AKVAPLAN-NIVA ASMoving from field studies to ex vivo models for understanding and predicting toxicological responses to multiple stressors in marine mammalsMarinNOK 8 000 00002.09.2022
335543HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETFate and effects of perfluoroalkyl substances and their precursors and alternatives in Norwegian marine environments and seafood speciesMarinNOK 7 999 00002.09.2022
335894Universitetet i OsloUsing the past (& present) to predict the effects of changing food environment and temperature on Northeast Arctic cod in the Barents Sea.MarinNOK 8 000 00002.09.2022

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