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Coordinator's Forum (Oslo)


Forskningsrådet, Drammensveien 288, Lysaker, Møterom Frisch 1 og 2

Passer for:

Coordinators of European collaborative projects


12. september 2024 kl 15.00

19. sep. kl. 10.00–15.00

Om arrangementet

The Research Council established the Forum for coordinators of Horizon Europe projects in 2023, with a successful meeting taking place on June 21st at the Research Council offices at Lysaker.

This initiative will be followed up by a new meeting taking place on September 19th 2024, also at Lysaker.

Objective of this Forum
Be a meeting place where coordinators can share experience and learn from each other.

Who is this Forum for?
Coordinators of European collaborative projects and support staff directly involved in reporting and communication with Commission services.  You are also welcome if you are likely to have one of these roles in the near future.

Tentative agenda
10:00 - 12:00
  Introduction and presentation of the participants
Successful Project Management – experience from real projects:
Jacqueline Floch,  SINTEF
Thoralf Ruud, Kongsberg Maritime
Lene Lad Johansen, SINTEF

12:00 - 13:00   Lunch

13:00 - 15:00   Open discussion, based on input from the participants

We have created an online meeting place for the Coordinator's Forum, where you can share information, templates, ask questions and discuss. During the meeting, we will provide information on how to access and use this meeting place.

Pre-meeting input
The afternoon session is intended to be entirely open and flexible: we can discuss any issues that participants want to raise – limited only by the time available.  If you wish, you can provide input beforehand by sending an email to:

            Randi Aarekol Basmadjian <>

Just write a few words/bullet points about some coordination issue you have experienced and that you would like to discuss with others – perhaps with a view to seeking advice or perhaps to share “lessons learned” with others.

Alternatively, you can provide input in person at the meeting.

Available resources for the Forum

  • Inger Nordgard, Special Advisor, Research Council of Norway
  • Inga Bruskeland, Kristine Ziegler Hoen, Pål Simon Pedersen,
    Legal and financial NCPs,  Research Council of Norway
  • Joe Gorman, Senior Researcher, SINTEF
  • Gabriella Lovasz, Senior Consultant, Europa Media Norway
  • Krisztina Toth, Director of Corporate Affairs, Europa Media

We are looking forward to seeing you in September! The detailed content of the agenda is tentative and may be adjusted, but the start/end times are fixed. 

This will be a physical meeting only.


Inger Nordgard

    Internasjonalt samarbeid

Meldinger ved utskriftstidspunkt 20. juli 2024, kl. 09.40 CEST

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