Åpen digital kafé: Horisont Europa - klynge 4: Digital Industry and Space

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Forskere, SMEer, næringsliv, prosjektkoordinatorer, søkere


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22. sep. 2023 kl. 09.00–09.50

Om arrangementet

Bli med på vår Open Café hver fjerde fredag i hver måned!

Klynge 4 i Horisont Europa, Digital, Industry and Space, støtter investeringer som former teknologier og løsninger for europeisk industri og samfunn i en global sammenheng. Mer informasjon om programplanen for Horizon Europe Cluster 4 finner du her.

Disse arrangementene foregår på engelsk. Resten av arrangementsbeskrivelsen er derfor på engelsk. 

We welcome researchers, SMEs, Industries, Project Coordinators and applicants preparing proposals. We also welcome people who are just curious about Cluster 4. There will be a special focus on proposals to be submitted targeting the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Work Programme 2021-2022. We kindly invite people that participate in Horizon projects and as EC evaluators to share their experience.

Horizon Europe Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space work programme supports investments that shape technologies and solutions for European industry and society in a global context. More information about the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 work programme is available here.

The Open Café Online is a tool/technique/concept that is purely about informal dialogue. The purpose is to create an arena where participants are willing to share questions, challenges, ideas and discuss them within a group.

In Norway, Cluster 4 team is composed by National Contact Points (NCPs). The NCP team uses the open café as an arena for dialogue with potential applicants, share experiences and solve questions at hand. The content of the open café is driven by participants.

The Open café is inspired by Open Space founded by Harrison Owen in the 1980, which originated out of the desire for people to self-organise around a purpose. The Open café is a response to the increased of organised online meetings, webinars and workshops. Within an Open Café the organisers must "let go" of detailed organisation, recognising that participants together will develop a richer content to the challenge at hand. ("The law of click and exit" - if you find yourself neither learning or contributing, you can go somewhere else. In this way, participants are given full responsibility over their learning and contributions).

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  • Event is free of charge
  • Language: English

Finn kontaktinformasjon til NCP-teamet som jobber med klynge 4: Digital, Industry and Space her.

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