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EU Partnership Animal Health and Welfare (EUPAHW) - Ist Co-funded Call for pre-proposal

EUPAHW - Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare

The purpose of this call is to support the future of the health and welfare of terrestrial and aquatic animals through research and innovation and the advancement of fundamental and socio-economic science. This call is open to proposals addressing one of the research topics described in the Call-text document, focusing on either terrestrial and aquatic animals, bee health, or additionally wildlife, where relevant (transmission of diseases of consequence to livestock, or zoonotic diseases).
  • Topic 1: Novel Technologies for Prevention, Detection, Assessment, and Management of Animal Health and Welfare
  • Topic 2: Fundamental Research for Animal Health and Welfare
  • Topic 3: Animal Health and Welfare and Society

RCN will provide up to € 1 480 000 (NOK 17 million) in funding projects. 1) Up to € 1050 000 (NOK 12 million) for terrestrial animal projects. 2) Up to € 430 000 ((NOK 5 million) for aquatic animal projects
Norwegian partners from trade and industry sector are encouraged to participate. The state aid rules impose restrictions on such funding. Please note that there is guidance provided on national/regional guidelines. Applicants are advised to contact the Funding Contact Persons (ANNEX I).


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