Ikon for forstørrelsesglass

Here you will find an overview of the measures we have taken to help applicants and project managers.

Reporting deadlines

20 Jan 2019

Deadline for project account reports

01 Feb 2019

Deadline for progress report INFRASTRUKTUR

01 Mar 2019

Deadline for annual reports and final reports for SkatteFUNN projects

01 Apr 2019

Annual reports for the various centre schemes

For the Research Council centre schemes SFF, SFI and FME

01 Jun 2019

First deadline for progress reports for projects with two deadlines each year

01 Oct 2019

Deadline for progress report for Research projects

01 Dec 2019

Deadline for progress report for all projects except Research project

Reporting deadlines

Everyone receiving project funding from the Research Council is required to submit reports during the project period and after the project is concluded. Your contract provides information regarding the deadlines for submitting your reports.

Projects must submit project account reports when this is stipulated in the contract.

The Project Databank is searched roughly 500 times a day and is an important arena for conveying results from your project.

Here are the rates to use when reporting researcher time in the university and university college sector and for fellowship positions.

In certain cases, the centre schemes, SFF, SFI, FME, PETROSENTER and FKB have designated templates for reporting purposes.

INFRASTRUKTUR partly has its own routines for delivering progress report and final report.

Questions relating to reporting

Please contact your case officer, who is listed on My RCN Web.