Who can apply for funding from the Research Council and what topics do we support?

Our funding schemes

Funding in cooperation with others

Together with SIVA, Innovation Norway, Enova and other actors we have common funding schemes. Examples are the Green Platform Initiative, Pilot-T, Pilot-E and Health Pilot. Keep an eye on current calls for proposals to see what what funding is available right now.

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How to write an application and set up a budget

It is a good idea to start the process early and familiarise yourself with the application form when you write an application to the Research Council. We have gathered tips that may be useful to you, general application requirements and information about our different application types. Here you can also get tips on how to set up your project budget.

Tips for writing your application
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How we process applications

Read about the common features in how we process the vast majority of applications we receive.

Read about the steps
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When you have received funding

When you have been awarded funding for a project you enter into a contract with the Research Council. The contract describes the conditions for the use of research funding and the rights and obligations of the parties in the implementation of the project. You will find what you need to know here.

What happens after a funding decision is made

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