Submitting progress and final reports

Everyone receiving project funding from the Research Council is required to submit reports during the project period and after the project is concluded. Your contract provides information regarding the deadlines for submitting your reports.

Most projects will not be asked to submit progress reports in 2023, but there are some exceptions. Those projects where it is appropriate to submit a progress report will have access to the report on "My RCN Web" no later than Tuesday 31 October 2023.

Progress reports

The progress report describes the activities that have been carried out and the results achieved under the project since the previous report.

See the guidelines on how to fill in a progress report.pdf

We must review and approve the progress report, and any notifications of changes to the project before funding can be disbursed.

Final reports

The final report describes the activities that have been carried out and the results achieved over the entire project period.

You are also to state whether the project has achieved the results set out in the grant proposal.

See: guidelines on how to fill in the final report.pdf

The final report must be submitted at the latest one month after the project has been completed. The report must be approved by the Research Council before the final disbursement will be paid out.

Performance indicators and Results

The form ensures that dissemination measures and scientific/scholarly publications registered under Results are automatically transferred to the respective columns under Performance indicators. Other information under Performance indicators must be entered manually, as previously.

See: overview of how the various categories for publications and performance indicators are used (pdf)

See: Policy on Open Science (

Submitting reports via “My RCN Web”

The individuals responsible for submitting reports will be notified by email well in advance of the reporting deadline.

Find the progress and final report by logging into My RCN web.

Reporting deadlines are listed on “My RCN Web”. It is important to meet all reporting deadlines.

All proposed changes to your project framework are to be submitted on an ongoing basis.

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