Contracts with the Research Council

The Project Owner signs an online contract with the Research Council via “My RCN Web”. The deadline for signing the contract will vary depending on whether or not there are partners involved in the project.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement

Calls for proposals with an application deadline from and including 2022 will include a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) requirement at the organisational level for applicants and partners that must be met when the grant agreement is signed.

The business sector, special interest organisations and the non-profit sector are exempt from the requirement.

What the contract involves

The contract consists of an agreement document, the project description and the Research Council’s General Terms and Conditions for R&D Projects.

Amendments to the contract

If there are any significant changes to your project you may need to amend your contract with the Research Council. You will need to notify us of the changes via “My RCN Web”.

Roles defined in the contract

There are various formal roles to be filled in an R&D project funded by the Research Council. Below you will find the terms we use in our contracts and the responsibilities assigned to each role.


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