Roles defined in the contract

There are various formal roles to be filled in an R&D project funded by the Research Council. Below you will find the terms we use in our contracts and the responsibilities assigned to each role.

Project Owner

The entity that is listed as responsible for the R&D project in the grant application.

Project administrator

The individual who is authorised to represent and assume obligations on behalf of the Project Owner in relation to the Research Council.

The project administrator is:

  • the Research Council’s primary contact person at the Project Owner in connection with the signing of the contract and project follow-up;
  • the individual authorised to share electronic access to the grant application with the project manager and others involved in quality assurance of the project;
  • the individual with primary responsibility for ensuring that the revised grant application is quality assured before it is submitted to the Research Council.

The Project Owner designates the project administrator. If a new person is to take over the role of project administrator in the course of the project period, notification of this is to be provided on “My RCN Web”.

Contract administrator

A Project Owner may decide to designate a single individual who is responsible for signing all contract documents for R&D projects with the Research Council.

Project manager

The individual who is in charge of the progress and performance of the project.

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