Amendments to the contract

If there are any significant changes to your project you may need to amend your contract with the Research Council. You will need to notify us of the changes via “My RCN Web”.

The procedure for amending a contract is the same as when the contract was originally finalised. After you have submitted the proposed changes via “My RCN Web”, and we have accepted the changes, we will send an email to the project administrator and project manager stating that there are amendments to the contract. You can view the amendments on “My RCN Web”, together with a complete, updated agreement document which you need to confirm.

New collaboration agreements are to be uploaded in connection with amendments to the contract.

Messages at time of print 2 June 2023, 20:02 CEST

IT glitch SkatteFUNN

Have you received an email stating that your project for SkatteFUNN has been withdrawn? This is due to an IT glitch. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to correct the error.