Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

User goals

A well-functioning research and innovation system is a prerequisite for realising society's goals. In the Portfolio for Global Development and International Relations, the Government, the corporate sector, the public sector, local communities, and civil society, on both the national and international level, are important users of the research. The Research Council will bring together actors in research institutions and key users of research to produce ground-breaking and useful research and innovation.
This portfolio plan aims to address the following user goals:

  1. Civil society and citizens have confidence in and make use of research, participate in the development of knowledge, and help to create innovative and sustainable solutions.
  2. Researchers within the portfolio’s areas maintain high quality, theoretical and methodological diversity, and creativity in research, and participate actively in international research, development and innovation.
  3. Governments, policymakers, practitioners and the corporate sector use research to shape global health and development policy and practice, in particular in LMICs.
  4. The government uses research to frame Norwegian foreign and security policy.

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