Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

The scope of the portfolio

The Portfolio plan for Global Development and International Relations covers the Research Council's overall efforts within research on Security and Governance, Poverty, Development and Equality, and Global Health. The portfolio encompasses all projects funded by the Research Council and the EU framework programmes for research and innovation as outlined within the four dimensions:

Disciplines and technologies
Research within this portfolio is dependent on the contributions from all disciplines and technologies. The complexity of the challenges this portfolio sets out to contribute to solving demands new and innovative approaches to research, encouraging both multi- and interdisciplinarity and a wide range of methodological approaches to ensure ground-breaking knowledge and pioneering practices.

Research themes
A solid knowledge base that considers geopolitical shifts is a prerequisite for the governance of Norway's international relations and the achievement of its global ambitions. The following broad areas are of particular interest:

Figure 1 Schematic representation of the portfolio's priorities.

Each of these areas has thematic interlinked sub-priorities. In addition, there are several cross-cutting dimensions. Areas of, though not exclusive, interest to this portfolio are related to the SDGs and Climate Change, climate adaptation and the green transition (see sections 4.2 and 4.3). The former is relevant to all the Research Council's portfolios, while the latter is also a main concern for the Climate and Polar Research, Oceans, and Energy, Transport and Low Emissions portfolios. Independent, critical research is also needed to complement the stated policy priorities.

Areas of application of the research
The broad thematic scope of this portfolio affects and relies on interaction with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Government, local communities, individuals, and the public, private and civil sectors, internationally and in Norway. The Portfolio for Global Development and International Relations receives part of its funding from the Official Development Aid (ODA) budget, which must be used for economic development and welfare in LMICs in accordance with the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) criteria[1]. For ODA funds, research relevant to policymakers, the public and civil sectors, and businesses in LMICs is prioritised.

R&D value chains
The Portfolio will seek to cover and support many kinds of activities that might make up ‘research value chains’, including conceptual work and basic research, different kinds of empirical work, including field research, the development of datasets and new methodologies or survey instruments. Academic publications and wider dissemination and non-academic impact outputs will be considered, as well as support for the governance of such ‘value chains’ through a commitment to ethical research, open data and the pursuit of equity and inclusiveness in research.

[1]Development Assistance Committee (DAC) - OECD

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