Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Disciplinary and technological priorities

The scope of this portfolio requires contributions from a wide range of technologies and disciplines, including social sciences, medicine, STEM etc. Further, there is an emphasis on the contribution from the humanities within the portfolio, in accordance with the ambitions set out in the Government's white paper Meld. St. 25 (2016–2017) The Humanities in Norway. Research within this portfolio presupposes a good understanding of the local and regional context as regards societal structures, politics, values, traditions, language etc. Cultural and religious competence and sensitivity are crucial to issues such as inequality, migration, health, conflict etc., but also when it comes to policy making and systems of governance and democracy. The role of strong legal and justice frameworks is equally important on the international, national and local levels, which requires contributions from jurisprudence.

There is a need for a stronger emphasis on innovative interdisciplinary research if we are to be able to address complex challenges. This portfolio will encourage and support researchers aiming to work in interdisciplinary and transformative ways.

The complexity of the challenges this portfolio aims to contribute to solving demands new and innovative approaches to research. The portfolio supports epistemological diversity and is open to a range of methodological approaches.

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