Financial schemes for Norwegian participants

Are you planning to apply for the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe? The Research Council offer various support schemes to increase the chance of success in the EU- competition.

Did you know that we have, among other things, a large portfolio of free courses? We offer professional application guidance from national contact persons, financial support schemes and support for the operation of regional EU networks.

Financial support

PES Horizon Europa framework grant – for research organisations

This is an arrangement where research organisations can apply for an annual framework grant for their activity in Horizon Europe. The funds can be used for skills development, positioning, project establishment and strategy work in connection with applications to Horizon Europe

The call for applications for the period 2023–2024 has an application deadline of 15 March 2023 (this call is only available in Norwegian).

Companies, public authorities and actors without a framework grant can apply for support for project establishment from the open PES call for each individual EU application in which they participate. The call is launched in Norwegian only.

PES Horizon Europe – Support for Project Establishment and Positioning

Companies, public authorities and actors without the framework grant mentioned above can apply for support for project establishment and positioning in Horizon Europe. Note that a threshold requirement has been introduced in order to receive support from PES starting January 2023.

See the complete call PES Horizon Europe – Support for Project Establishment and Positioning.

Funding for increased participation in EU projects (RETUR-EU)

The EU's funding policy is based on the fact that research organizations have substantially higher public funding than Norwegian research institutes. Retur-EU is a framework-based compensation scheme for participation in Horizon Europe. The scheme compensates for some of the gap between EU funding and actual costs.

Read more about the scheme

Top-up Financing of MSCA and HFSP Fellows

You can receive top-up financing if you have received funding from MSCA or HFSP to be at a host institution outside Norway, you have spent at least 5 of the last 8 years in Norway and you have a master's or PhD degree from a Norwegian institution. Norwegian institutions can receive top-up financing if they host an HFSP postdoctoral fellowship recipient.

The call for proposals can be found  in the call: Top-up financing of MSCA and HFSP fellows

Additional support

Horizon Europe course offerings

We offer courses for both newcomers and more advanced applicants. The courses are suitable whether you are a researcher or an EU adviser at a university, institute or college, work in business or the public sector.

Our course offerings for Horizon Europe

Guidance from our experts

The Research Council's national contact persons for Horizon Europe provide free guidance and advice on how to best succeed with your Horizon Europe application.

An overview of our national contact persons (NCP) in Horizon Europe.

Consultancy services

Do you need assistance with strategy and concept development of your EU application? We offer free consultancy assistance to applicants with great potential in Horizon Europe.

Read about consultancy services for project development and the development of the Horizon Europe strategy.

EU-networks In Horizon Europe

EU networks throughout the country can help you gain better expertise on Horizon Europe and can connect you with actors across sectors.

See an overview of the EU-networks in Horizon Europe

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Important message

For the application deadline 6 March, we manage our hotline +47 22 03 72 00 from Thursday 29 February till Tuesday 5 March at CET 08.00–15.45 and Wednesday 6 March at CET 08.00-13.00.