Horizon Europe course offerings

We have courses for you whether you are a beginner or already have extensive experience with EU projects.

Who is this for?

These courses are suitable for those who work as researcher, EU advisor at a university or university college, work in business or the public sector and want to gain more knowledge about the opportunities in Horizon Europe. The courses are for participants from Norway. 

There are three levels of difficulty. In order for everyone to get the most out of the courses, it is important that you stick to your level, and not just pick the first one that comes in the calendar.

Level 1: Beginner. For those who are applying for EU projects for the first time, or if it has been a long time since you have participated in an EU project.

Level 2: Intermediate cource. For those who have previous experience of EU projects, but want to know more. For example, if you have participated as a partner in a project in the past, but will now have a larger role, such as leader of a work package or coordinator.

Level 3: Advanced. Our most advanced courses. For you who are already a coordinator or project manager, or you who will support others in your organisation. In order to benefit from the courses at this level, it is important that you have taken the level 2 courses previously, or have equivalent competence.

Why should you take part?

  • In-depth training in all phases of Horizon Europe from coming up with project ideas to post-project reporting.
  • We offer courses from Europa Media and Sintef that have first-hand knowledge of developing and leading successful projects within Horizon Europe. In addition to this, the staff at The Research Council organize some courses available to external participants.
  • The courses are free and open to everyone, but registration is binding. We charge a fee of NOK 1,000 for registered participants who do not show up or who unsubscribe after the registration deadline has expired.
  • Some of the courses are held digitally, while other courses have physical attendance. Most courses are in English. For webinars, a link to login and to the course material will be sent to registered participants a few days before the course starts.
  • Course dates are posted twice a year (autumn and winter). 

Course offerings

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Do you need more information?

We can provide guidance and tailor-made courses if needed. Please contact Special Adviser Inger Nordgard for more information.


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You may also get in touch with the National Contact Points for questions related to specific areas of Horizon Europe.

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