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Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal (Thematic Priority Call)

4 March 2024: We have removed the technical limit for the maximum amount you can seek in funding in the application form. This was done so that we are able to accept applications for the topic "The National Election Study". You must ensure that you stay within the support limits for the theme you choose. If you have created an application for the topic "The National Election Study", you must create a new application to avoid the old technical limit.

We will have new portfolios from 1 January 2024. The thematic areas in our calls reflect the new portfolios. You will therefore find that some research topics lie under new thematic areas. Under this call, this applies in particular to the following: 

  • Research topic previously under thematic area Oceans: 
    • Marine is located under the thematic area Climate and environment 
    • Aquaculture is under the thematic area Food and bioresources 
  • The research topic Petroleum is under the thematic area Energy and transport 
  • The research topic Culture (formerly under Welfare, culture and society) is located under Welfare and education 
  • The research topic Polar (previously under Climate and polar) is located under the thematic area Climate and environment 

We reserve the right to make changes to the call for proposals after we have received the letter of allocation for 2024. 

Important dates

06 Mar 2024

Open for applications

06 Mar 2024

Application deadline

01 Aug 2024

Earliest permitted project start

01 Apr 2025

Latest permitted project start

31 Aug 2032

Latest permitted project completion date

Important dates


The purpose of this call is to support scientific renewal and development in research that can help to advance the international research front within the thematic areas set out in the call. This call is therefore targeted towards researchers who have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality.

About the results of the application assessment process

We publish the results of the application process on an ongoing basis after the various portfolio board meetings. Here you will find the dates for when we plan to publish application results for many of our calls: When can you expect the application results?

Total amount sought
284 767 000
Amount awarded
94 891 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
352455Institutt for samfunnsforskningThe Norwegian National Election Study of 2025 & 2029Demokrati og global utvikling38 000 00012.06.2024
352375NTNURisk assessment for the potential natural event triggered technical accidents of the offshore oil & gas industry in green transitionPetroleum9 274 00014.06.2024
352544SINTEF ASRobust and high-performance membranes for CO2 separation and sequestration from natural gas (MEMCO2)Petroleum11 850 00014.06.2024
352679UiSNa+tteries - Negative Electrode-Electrolyte Solution Development for Sustainable, Scalable Full-Cell Sodium-BatteriesEnergi og transport, miljøvennlig energi11 749 00014.06.2024
352501SINTEF ASGalileo: Green, electrode agnostic, polymer electrolytes for Na-ion batteries.Energi og transport, miljøvennlig energi12 000 00014.06.2024
352277SINTEF ASSolid-state sodium batteries: Screening for electrolyte materialsEnergi og transport, miljøvennlig energi12 000 00014.06.2024

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