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Knowledge-building Project for Industry

We will have new portfolios from 1 January 2024. The thematic areas in our calls reflect the new portfolios. You will therefore find that some research topics lie under new thematic areas. Under this call, this applies in particular to the following: 

  • The research topic Petroleum is under the thematic area Energy and transport 

We reserve the right to make possible changes to the call for proposals after we have received the letter of allocation for 2024. 

Important dates

24 Jan 2024

Open for applications

13 Mar 2024

Application deadline

01 Oct 2024

Earliest permitted project start

01 Apr 2025

Latest permitted project start

31 Mar 2029

Latest permitted project completion date

Important dates

Last updates

04 Mar 2024

We unfortunately made the mistake of writing that the time period for support for postdoctoral fellowships is between "two and four years". The new Act relating to Universities and University Colleges (which is expected to come into force from 1.1.25) requires postdoctoral fellows to be employed for three to four years, and the Research Council has already introduced this rule. You can read more here. The call text has been updated with this correction.
If you have already included a postdoctoral fellowship of less than three years in the application and are not able to change this before the application deadline, you will have the opportunity to incorporate this change in the event that we enter into a contract. At the same time, we emphasise that the requirement applies to the duration of the post-doctoral period, and not to the number of man-years. This may, for example, mean that the Research Council's funding for a postdoctoral fellow may remain two years even if the candidate is employed for three years, with salary funding from another source in one of the years.


The purpose of the funding is to encourage research organisations to cooperate with trade and industry to generate knowledge that business and industry and society need to solve major societal and business challenges. We require the business sector to provide cash financing for the projects. 

About the results of the application assessment process

We publish the results of the application process on an ongoing basis after the various portfolio board meetings. Here you will find the dates for when we plan to publish application results for many of our calls: When can you expect the application results?

Total amount sought
794 792 000
Amount awarded
269 064 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
352929SINTEF ASRobust metal barriers for safe use of hydrogen infrastructureEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
352896IFEBattery-Grade Carbon for Sodium-ion batteriesEnergi12 800 00014.06.2024
352810SINTEF OCEAN ASCoupled vibrations of large optimized floating wind turbinesEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
352912IFEDREAMS: Diagnostic Requirements for Evaluating and Advancing Module SafetyEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
352862SINTEF ASPol(Hy)Mer - Building knowledge on the compatibility of polymers for the hydrogen transport infrastructureEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
353147SINTEF ENERGI ASImproving energy production and safety in biocarbon value chainsEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
353079NTNUAgeing mechanisms, performance and reliability of extruded HVDC cablesEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
353023CICEROEurope’s evolving market design towards 2040: Electricity Market Reform and decision-making during its implementationEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
352730SINTEF ENERGI ASTransformer Liquid Dielectric Withstand PerformanceEnergi14 000 00014.06.2024
352879SINTEF ENERGI ASDeep integration between machine learning approaches and renewable energy optimizationEnergi9 600 00014.06.2024
352996NTNUIce, Wind and StructuresEnergi12 000 00014.06.2024
353049SINTEF ASRecirculate IT - Develop, demonstrate, and monitor flexible energy-saving ventilation ensuring good indoor air qualityEnergi10 000 00014.06.2024
353152SINTEF ASSolKit: A toolkit for sustainable photovoltaics integration in the Norwegian built environmentEnergi13 120 00014.06.2024
352938SINTEF ENERGI ASSKARV: Active wind turbine control for bird strike preventionEnergi13 600 00014.06.2024
353172SINTEF ENERGI ASHiTES - High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage for decarbonised and flexible industry processesEnergi12 000 00014.06.2024
353044UiBIntegrated study of Fluid Migration and Seepage in the Southern Norwegian North Sea - Impact on Hydrocarbons, Environment, and CO2 storagePetroleum16 000 00014.06.2024
352936NORCECement Placement in Irregular WellboresPetroleum16 000 00014.06.2024
352755HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETRealistic assessment of the effects of anthropogenic offshore activity on the habitats of a keystone ecological and commercial fish speciesPetroleum14 274 00014.06.2024
352883SINTEF ASTesting the foundations of special core analysisPetroleum15 990 00014.06.2024
352740NORCETowards Autonomous Coiled Tubing OperationsPetroleum16 000 00014.06.2024
353114SINTEF OCEAN ASMAPLES: Multi-fidelity and Probabilistic Lifetime Estimation for Slender Marine StructuresPetroleum10 800 00014.06.2024

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