Portfolio for sámi society and culture

The portfolio works to generate new knowledge to enable the Sámi people to strengthen and further develop their language, their culture and their community life. The research programme has a broad scientific scope mainly within humanities and social science, but is also open to natural science research in the field of climate and the environment that is directly linked to the humanities and social science-based topics.

Illustrasjon av forsker utendørs i vinterlandskap med måleutstyr og laptop. Nordlys på himmelen og lavvo i bakgrunnen

The portfolio board

The Portfolio Board shall provide strategic advice on research and innovation within Sami language, culture and community, and decide on the allocation of research funds to achieve the user goals and societal goals set for the portfolio.

The members are:

Lill Tove Fredriksen, University of Tromsø, Chair
Anne Lene Turi Dimpas, SANKS, Finnmark Hospital Trust
Astri Dankertsen, Nord University
Fransisca K. Herbst, Åarjelhsaemien Teatere
John-Marcus Kuhmunen, Sámi University College
Morten Melgaard, University of Greenland Ilisimatusarfik and
University of Copenhagen
Oddmund Andersen, Árran Lulesamisk senter
Raimo Valle, Troms og Finnmark County Municipality
Stine Rybråten, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research NINA
Ulf Mörkenstam, Universitety of Stockholm


Katri Somby, The Sami Parliament
Nancy Vibeke Olsen, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (KDD)


Elisabeth Westphal

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45.7million NOK

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