Changes to your project framework

It is important that you notify us when there are changes in your approved project framework. The Research Council processes requests to make changes on an ongoing basis. Just before and after the turn of the year, we usually receive a high volume of changes, and you may experience delays in the processing of your request.

Deadline for requesting transfer of funding from one year to another

If you have the details for transfer of funding ready, please send a complete request for change (i.e., updated budget and if necessary, an updated progress plan) as soon as possible and latest 31.12.

It the details are not ready, please wait until February 20 before you open the request for change. The request must be submitted at the latest March 15. If required, any unused funding from the previous year will be transferred to the next year until the change request has been handled.

What kinds of changes are allowed?

We need to have updated information about developments in your project. You must immediately report any deviations from the approved plan that arise.

The project manager or project administrator can request changes to the project on behalf of the Project Owner. The change request should be submitted via My RCN Web.

All communication with us about your project should be carried out via “My RCN Web”.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to proceed when requesting a change to the approved project framework (pdf). This file is currently only available in Norwegian.

When you submit a change request you have to explain why you need to change the approved project framework. It is possible to request changes to the following:

  • Project period/Progress plan
  • Financial information (you do not need to apply for changes below NOK 10,000)
  • Fellowships
  • Partners
  • Objectives
  • Project summary
  • Project Owner

Changes in the popular science presentation must still be made in connection with the required reports that you submit.

It is possible to include multiple proposed changes in the same change request. The Research Council will only process one change request at a time.

Processing of change requests

After you submit a change request to the Research Council the status for the request on “My RCN Web” will be changed to “Received”.

We process change requests on an ongoing basis. You can keep track of the status of your change request on “My RCN Web”. You will be sent an email if we need any additional information. We will also notify you by email when the decision regarding your change request has been taken.

The last five change requests submitted will be listed on “My RCN Web”.

We will notify you if any of the changes requested require amendments to the contract.

Change of project administrator and project manager

Any change of project administrator must be immediately reported to the Research Council. Notification is to be given on “My RCN Web” under the menu tab for “Application status” and/or under “Projects/Reports”, and must provide all information requested by the Research Council regarding the individual slated to assume the responsibilities, as well as specify the date for commencement of duties.

Changes of the project manager require the written consent of the Research Council. Requests for a new project manager must be made on “My RCN Web” (by the project manager or project administrator) under the same menu tabs as described above, and must include the name and CV of the desired project manager and the desired date of commencement of duties. A new project manager may be considered approved if the Research Council has not responded within 30 days of receipt of the written request from the Project Owner (by the project manager or project administrator).

Questions regarding changes to the approved project framework

You will find information about your contact person in “My RCN Web”.

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Important message

For the application deadline 6 March, we manage our hotline +47 22 03 72 00 from Thursday 29 February till Tuesday 5 March at CET 08.00–15.45 and Wednesday 6 March at CET 08.00-13.00.