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Notification for thematic area Climate and the environment: There is no money left for events within climate and land-based biodiversity and environment.

Important dates

01 Aug 2023

Earliest permitted project start

Important dates

Last updates

17 Jan 2024

We have increased support limits under the sub-topic Maritime sector

04 Jan 2024

The template for project description has been updated with a section for stating the date of the event.


Under this call, you can apply for funding to organise conferences, workshops and seminars. The event must serve as a meeting place for dissemination of research results, knowledge sharing, development of the knowledge base and/or generation of scientific collaboration. The event can also be digital. 

About the call for proposals

As a general rule, we only support events that are open to anyone who wishes to attend. We do not support closed meetings or events that are only open to specific groups. You may not apply for funding for events that are ordinary dissemination activities under ongoing projects funded by the Research Council. We only support events that are held in Norway. 

Only the main organiser of the event can apply for funding. For international conferences, the Norwegian applicant must be the main organizer in order for the event to receive support from us. We can only provide support for events held in Norway. 

Grant applications may be directed towards one of the thematic areas described under the relevant thematic areas in the call. Therefore, read the thematic text thoroughly before applying. The project description must describe how the event fulfils the requirements set out in the thematic text. 

We also stipulate the following requirements: 

  • You can only submit one application for each event.
  • The application can only be directed to one topic.
  • You must submit the application no later than six weeks before the event starts.
  • The application must include a preliminary programme. You choose whether you want to describe it in the project description, attach a link to the online programme or including it as a separate attachment.
  • The project period cannot start before the application has been submitted and must end no later than one month after the event.

If the application is awarded funding, it must be clearly stated during the event that you have received support from the Research Council. 

We encourage events that reduce the impact on the environment. 

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version. 

Who is eligible to apply?

The call is open to approved Norwegian research organisations, companies, public sector entities and non-governmental organisations. See here for the list of approved Norwegian research organisations and definition of public sector. Sole proprietorships are not eligible to apply. 

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to the Project Owner 

The organisation listed as the Project Owner in the application form must have approved submission of the grant application. 

Any partners are not to be listed in the application form under "Partners", but may be mentioned in the project description. You must therefore not include costs or financing for partners in the budget. 

What can you seek funding for?

You can apply for funding to cover costs necessary to carry out the event. It must be possible to document the costs. You can apply for funding to cover costs necessary to carry out the event. It must be possible to document the costs. You can apply for a minimum of NOK 50,000 and a maximum of NOK 150,000. For theme Maritime there is a higher maximum amount in special cases. See the text for the theme for more information.

Support from the Research Council cannot contribute to a positive outcome for the event. 

In the grant application form, the project budget is to be broken down into the following cost categories: 

  • payroll and indirect expenses: costs incurred by the Project Owner (company)  
  • other operating expenses, which are costs for other activities necessary to carry out the project. Any purchases from subcontractors must be entered here. All costs entered as "other operating expenses" must be specified in the application. 

You must specify how the funding from the Research Council is to be used.

You are not to use the categories procurement of R&D services and equipment. 

You will find detailed and important information about what the budget should contain on the website.  

Conditions for funding 

Companies will be disbursed the aid as de minimis aid. This means that the enterprise can receive a maximum of 200,000 euro over a three-year period. Prior to any disbursement of de minimis aid, we will request written confirmation and an overview of all other de minimis aid that the enterprise has received during the last three fiscal years. For enterprises that are part of a group, the maximum limit generally applies to the group as a whole. See also the EU de minimis aid regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013). Read more about de minimis aid

The Research Council's requirements relating to allocation and disbursement of support for the first year, and any pledges and payments for subsequent years are set out our General Terms and Conditions for R&D Projects which you can find in its entirety on the information page This is what the contract consists of

If the project is awarded funding, the following must be in place before you enter into a contract with us: From 2022, grant recipients that are research organisations and public sector entities (Project Owners and partners) must have a Gender Equality Plan available on their website. The requirement does not apply to private businesses, special interest organisations or the voluntary sector. 

Reporting and disbursement of funding 

The Research Council will only disburse funding for events after they have been completed. We will disburse the funds afterwards on the basis of an approved final report. You must keep your own project accounts for the event. The Research Council may request access to the final accounts and other information about the event, including information about the number of participants. The allocation shall not contribute to a surplus. 

All reporting must be done via "My RCN web". The final report will have a deadline of one month after the end date of the event's project period. You will be notified when the final report is available. 

Relevant thematic areas for this call

This is a joint call for proposals covering several different thematic areas. It is only possible to direct grant applications towards one of the thematic areas described in the call. Under each thematic area you will find one or more thematic boxes describing the requirements and guidelines that apply to the topic in question. Click on the theme box to read the relevant theme text. 

Energy and transportation

Maritime sector



Innovation in the public sector


Climate and the environment

Polar researchBiodiversity and the environment

Food and bioresources

Land-based food and bioresources

Enabling technologies

BiotechnologyNanotechnology/advanced materialsICT

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

Requirements for this application type 

The call for proposals has an ongoing deadline, i.e. we process the applications received on an ongoing basis. This means that it is not possible to submit an application more than once. You must therefore ensure that all information is correct and all mandatory attachments are uploaded before you submit the application. 

Mandatory attachments 

  • A project description of maximum 5 pages using the standard template, which can be downloaded at the end of this call.
  • For companies: Declaration form for de minimis aid using the designated template using the standard template, which can be downloaded at the end of this call.

Applications that do not satisfy the above requirements will be rejected. 

We will not assess other attachments than those specified above. All attachments to the application must be submitted with the application. We will not accept attachments submitted after the application deadline unless we have requested additional documentation. 

Be careful to upload the correct attachment type, as there are no technical restrictions on what kind of templates it is possible to upload in the application form.

Administrative procedures

Grant applications will be processed administratively by the Research Council. The treatment time is up to six weeks. 

Only grant applications that satisfy the formal requirements set out in the call will proceed to a thematic assessment. 

Create application

Applications for Support for Events should be created on My RCN Web. Application templates should be filled and uploaded in the application.

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