Who can apply?

If you are a researcher and you wish to apply for funding from the Research Council, you may do so in agreement with your research organisation. If you receive funding it is the organisation who is the Project Owner.

A research organisation is a private or public entity or semi-public consortium whose primary goal is to independently conduct fundamental research and/or applied research (industrial research and experimental development).

Are you planning to apply for funding from the EU or other international organisations? Our advisers can help you get started.

We provide support for the commercialisation of results from research projects that have received Research Council funding. This applies to results that may be of benefit to society and also encompasses projects with participation from the business sector.

There are numerous ways to obtain funding for early-career research and research stays abroad. Here you will find a few pointers on various aspects of career planning. There are many other opportunities as well, but these can be helpful in getting started.

Completing a grant application to the Research Council is time-consuming and there are many potential stumbling blocks. Here are some tips for how to fill in and submit your application successfully, well in advance of the deadline.

Application deadlines for research organisations

10 Apr 2019

Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents and International Mobility Grants

These application types promote renewal and development in research in all subjects and thematic areas. The projects can be carried out by the applicant organisation on its own or in collaboration with other research organisations. Actors that carry out an economic activity may not participate as a partner in the project. The FRIPRO funding scheme and 21 programmes have issued calls for proposals.

04 Sep 2019

Knowledge-Building Project for Industry

These projects are to contribute to industry-oriented researcher training and long-term competence development within topics that are crucial to the development of business and industry. Projects are carried out by one or more research organisations in binding cooperation with relevant actors from Norwegian trade and industry. Partners that carry out economic activity must contribute funding for the research activities conducted at the research organisation(s). The following programmes are planning to issue calls for proposals: ENERGIX, CLIMIT, MAROFF and PETROMAKS2.

20 May 2020

Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents and International Mobility Grants

Application deadline for research organisations

02 Sep 2020

Knowledge-Building Projects and Collaboration Projects

Collaboration Projects on Societal Challenges and Business Development and Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry. Research organisations in collaboration with the business sector and/or public sector.

Application deadlines for research organisations