Who can apply?

If you are a researcher and you wish to apply for funding from the Research Council, you may do so in agreement with your research organisation. If you receive funding it is the organisation who is the Project Owner.

From and including 2022, all grant recipients that are research organisations or public sector bodies (Project Owners and partners) must have a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) available on their website. This must be in place when they sign the grant agreement for projects awarded funding from the Research Council.

Approved research organisations

A research organisation is a private or public entity or semi-public consortium whose primary goal is to independently conduct fundamental research and/or applied research (industrial research and experimental development).

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Seven tips for filling in your grant application

Completing a grant application to the Research Council is time-consuming and there are many potential stumbling blocks. Here are some tips for how to fill in and submit your application successfully, well in advance of the deadline.

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International funding

Are you planning to apply for funding from the EU or other international organisations? Our advisers can help you get started.

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Research career

There are numerous ways to obtain funding for early-career research and research stays abroad. Here you will find a few pointers on various aspects of career planning. There are many other opportunities as well, but these can be helpful in getting started.

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