The Research Council (also the Research Council of Norway; Norwegian: Norges forskningsråd) is a Norwegian government agency that funds research and innovation projects. On behalf of the Government, the Research Council invests NOK 11,4 billion (2022) annually.

The Research Council is responsible for promoting basic and applied research and innovation. This is done by managing research funding and by advising the authorities on research policy, among other things through proposals for the research budget in the National Budget.

The Research Council works to promote international research and innovation, cooperation, and has several schemes to mobilize Norwegian applicants for the EU Research and Innovation Program. Other tasks include creating meeting places for researchers, trade and industry, public administration, public actors, and other users of research.

The Research Council was established in 1993 through the merging of five different previously created research councils. The Research Council has approximately 360 employees (2023). It has local representatives in nine different regions of Norway. Since 23 June 2014, the Research Council's main office is located just outside of Oslo

Our values

  • Forward-looking: We create solutions that simplify everyday life for users and employees. We are constantly looking for better solutions and are effective in our processes.
  • Responsible: We promote solutions for a better society. We are responsible and accurate in our administration, and in meetings with partners and colleagues.
  • Direct: We give direct and explicit advice and communicate openly. We have a strong identity. We engage in external arenas and help make the research effect evident.
  • Engaged: We address the challenges the world is facing. We empower ideas, research and innovation the world needs.

was allocated by the Research Council for research and innovation in 2023

11.3billion Norwegian kroner

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