The Executive Board

The Research Council of Norway distributes funding for research and researched-based innovation, and serves as the chief advisory body for research policy issues.

The Research Council is a key player in the Norwegian research and innovation system.

Executive board valid from 1 July 2023. The members are:

  • Gunnar Bovim, Adviser, NTNU, Trondheim (Chair)
  • Birger Vikøren, Economist, Oslo (Deputy Chair)
  • Gunnar Hovland, Executive Vice President, Aneo, Trondheim
  • Linda Nøstbakken, Research Director, SSB, Oslo
  • Britt Elin Steinveg, Senior Adviser, UiT, Tromsø
  • Iselin Marstrander, Managing Director Nordland Research Institute, Bodø
  • Paula Eerola, President of the Academy of Finland
  • Per Magnus Kommandantvold (employee representative)
  • Per Arne Karlsen (employee representative)

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