Assistance for public and private actors

The Research Council of Norway invests around 10 billion public research kroners annually. We have good insight into research needs and relevant actors, both nationally and internationally.

We have developed a professional application assessment device and have an extensive international network of national and international specialists that we use in our processes.

We experience that there is a demand for systems for independent assessment of project applications carried out by experts. We therefore cooperate with calls for information and assistance with application processing with several actors, both public and private.

Competence in procurement of research funding and application processing is demanding for many to develop, both professionally and financially. At the same time, this is one of our core activities. We can help other actors ensure that the best and most relevant researchers receive the funding. We can also ensure that the best researchers have access to research infrastructure that private actors want to offer. By providing a platform for such services, we also ensure an even better overview of the capacity of research communities.


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