The Research Council’s organisation reflects the spheres of activity of our various stakeholders.

The Research Council of Norway is a key player in the Norwegian research and innovation system, and we have an executive board with broad insight into research, innovation, business and other social issues.

The Research Council has 16 portfolio boards. Each board is responsible for a portfolio of programmes and other activities within a thematic area or a discipline.

was allocated by the Research Council for research and innovation in 2019.

10 734million Norwegian kroner

Our purpose and values

Our purpose is to facilitate research that promotes innovation and sustainability. We will:

  • convey our messages clearly;
  • think innovatively;
  • be professional in our attitude and actions.

See the statutes of the Research Council on the Lovdata website (in Norwegian only). The statutes are laid down by Royal Decree. The current statutes entered into force 1 December 2018.

The Research Council has established an independent standing committee of international experts to provide advice on research and innovation policy.

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We have good insight into research needs and relevant actors, both nationally and internationally.

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