About the FRIPRO funding scheme for independent projects

New knowledge is often generated in unforeseen ways and in unexpected areas. Independent basic research is therefore vital for academic and scientific renewal and can lay a foundation for more applied research, industrial development and policy development. The FRIPRO funding scheme for independent projects promotes this by providing funding for basic research and ground-breaking projects in all fields of research, where project ideas originate with the researchers themselves.

The FRIPRO scheme aims to promote:

  • scientific quality at the forefront of international research;
  • boldness in scientific thinking and innovation;
  • careers for young research talents.

What activities do we fund?

The FRIPRO scheme promotes innovative research and scientific renewal. Funding is awarded to researchers in various stages of their research careers. There are annual calls for proposals for Researcher Projects for:

  • established researchers (Researcher Projects);
  • young researchers in the early stages of their careers seeking experience as project managers (Young Research Talents projects);
  • researchers in the early stages of their careers who seek international research experience over a longer period (International Mobility Grants).

In 2021 we also have a call for proposals for Large-scale Interdisciplinary Researcher Project.

Read more about funding for Researcher Project here.

The application submission deadline in 2021 is 10 February – see our calls for proposals

In addition, there is a scheme under which applicants who achieved a good ranking from the European Research Council (ERC) but did not win funding may apply for support to improve their grant proposals. This scheme is found under the application type Coordination and Support Activity (Project Establishment Support).

We also award funding for research stays abroad to enable doctoral and post-doctoral fellows as well as project managers for Young Research Talents projects to carry out a research stay abroad during the time they are working on a FRIPRO-funded project. Support for researcher mobility is also found under the application type Coordination and Support Activity.

Who is eligible to apply for FRIPRO funding?

Since the FRIPRO scheme is targeted towards research groups, it is only open to research organisations on their own or in collaboration with other research organisations. Companies and other undertakings may not be partners in FRIPRO projects but may serve as suppliers of R&D services to the projects.

The competition for FRIPRO funding is keen, with only 8–12 per cent of grant applications approved in recent years. This means that only the best researchers with particularly good projects and extremely well-written proposals have a chance of succeeding. The assessment criterion “Excellence” (scientific merit, ground-breaking nature and level of scientific innovation) is given the greatest focus when selecting projects for FRIPRO funding.

The table below shows the results of the application review process for the previous application types Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents and Mobility Grants for the years 2016–2018.

  2018   2017   2016  

Application type


Awarded funding


Awarded funding


Awarded funding

Researcher Projects


7 %


8 %


8 %

Young Research Talent


9 %


9 %


13 %

Mobility Grants


16 %


20 %


20 %



8 %


9 %


10 %