Portfolio for Enabling technologies

The portfolio covers ICT, nanotechnology and biotechnology, which have a wide range of application areas and the potential to contribute to major changes for individuals, society and industries. The technology areas shall be further developed and utilised in a socially responsible manner through convergence between technologies, with different disciplines and with the private and public sectors. Important areas are artificial intelligence and digital security. The portfolio board shall view the efforts, development and use of the technologies in light of international trends and Norwegian advantages.

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Overall plans (in Norwegian only)

Portfolio Board for Enabling Technologies

The portfolio area shall provide strategic advice on research and innovation within the portfolio area Enabling technologies, and provide support for projects that contribute to the goals set for the portfolio. 

The members are:

Pinar Heggernes, University of Bergen, UiB (Leader)
Lars Ailo Bongo, University of Tromsø, UiT
Andreas Brekke, Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research, NORSUS
Siri Bromander, Mnemonic
Magnus Gulbrandsen, University of Oslo, UiO (Forskningssystemet)
Hanne Haslene-Hox, SINTEF Industri
Kristin Hollung, NOFIMA
Cathrine Pihl Lyngstad, NAV
Helge Myklebust, Laerdal Medical
Ingrid Schjølberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
Solveig Steinsland, Elkem
Dhayalan Velauthapillai, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, HVL


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