Portfolio for food and bioresources

The portfolio will include food and bioresources from sea and land. It is responsible for efforts to promote sustainable value creation and management in Norwegian agriculture, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture and the food industry, along the entire value chain. The portfolio builds knowledge that is also used by industry and the public sector. The social mission of sustainable feed is anchored in this portfolio.

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Overall plans Land-based food, the environment and bioresources (in Norwegian only)

Overall plans Ocean research (in Norwegian only)

The Portfolio Board for Food and Bioresources

The portfolio board shall provide strategic advice on research and innovation within Food and bioresources, and decide on the allocation of research funds to achieve the user goals and societal goals set for the portfolio.

The members are:

Eva Falch, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (Leader)
Anne Bøen, Mattilsynet
Erik Olav Gracey, Biomar
Jon Erik Henriksen, Directorate of Fisheries
Geir Huse, Institute of Marine Research, IMR
Arne Karlsen, Gunnar Klo
Merete Nygaard Kristiansen, Akvaplan-niva
Marianne Elisabeth Lien, University of Oslo, UiO
Espen Rimstad, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU
Hans Asbjørn Sørlie, Norges Skogeierforbund
Nils Vagstad, NIBIO
Anne Cathrine Whist, TINE
Ågot Aakra, SINTEF Industri (Forskningssystemet)


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