National Node for Neuroinformatics

Important dates

13 Oct 2021

Date call is made active

24 Nov 2021

Application submission deadline

01 Mar 2022

Earliest permitted project start

01 Aug 2022

Latest permitted project start

31 Jul 2027

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The purpose of the call is to fund a national network that coordinates and builds competence in neuroinformatics and participates in the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) network. 

About the call for proposals

NOK 5 million is available for a national neuroinformatics network that will coordinate and build competence, and participate in the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) network.

INCF’s mission is to coordinate the global development of neuroinformatics by developing tools and standards for data management in brain research.

The network is to

  • develop and coordinate national neuroinformatics activities
  • utilise national research expertise and promote national network-building
  • strengthen national expertise in neuroinformatics
  • be an active partner in the global INCF network
  • be relevant to society and contribute to solving global public health challenges in brain health
  • contribute to added value and expedient division of labour at the national level by cooperating with relevant national research and innovation groups, research centres, infrastructures and researcher schools in brain research
  • disseminate and communicate the network’s activities to stakeholders and end users to ensure optimum utilisation
  • help Norwegian research and innovation groups to position themselves to apply to international calls for proposals and for participation in European partnerships.

 The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Only approved Norwegian research organisations may apply. See the list of approved Norwegian research organisations.

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to the Project Owner

The Project Owner must be a research organisation.

The research organisation defined as the Project Owner in the application form must have formally approved submission of the application.

If the application is a collaboration between several organisations, the Project Owner submits the application on behalf of all the partners.

Requirements relating to project managers

The project manager must have an approved doctorate or achieved professor/associate professor qualifications before the date of the application submission deadline. For the purposes of this call, you are also qualified if you hold or have held a position as forsker 1 (research professor), forsker 2 (senior researcher) or seniorforsker (senior researcher) in the institute sector.

The project manager should be able to document experience of research management, professional collaboration and research coordination.

Requirements relating to employment

The project manager must be employed by the Project Owner or one of the partners.

Requirements relating to partners

Approved Norwegian research organisations are eligible to participate as partners in the project and receive funding.

What can you seek funding for?

You will find detailed and important information about what to enter in the project budget on our website.

You can apply to the Research Council for funding for coordination of and cooperation on R&D activities in the network, such as:

We do not provide funding for R&D activities or travel and accommodation for participants.

Scope of funding

The Research Council can provide NOK 5 million for up to one network. We require a matching amount of own funding and membership of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) network.

Conditions for funding

The Research Council will not award support that constitutes state aid under this call. This means that the Research Council funding is only to go to the non-economic activity of the research organisations. We require a clear separation of accounts for the organisation’s economic and non-economic activities.

The Research Council’s requirements relating to allocations and disbursement of support for the first year and any pledges and payments for subsequent years are set out in the General Terms and Conditions for R&D Projects, available in their entirety on the information page What the contract involves.

The project’s contribution must match the amount applied for and the network must be a member of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) network.

Payment and reporting

This call is included in the Research Council’s automatic payment scheme. We will request annual progress reports and a simplified final report which must be submitted no later than one month after the project is concluded. All reports must be submitted via My RCN Web.

Relevant thematic areas for this call


Practical information

Requirements for this application type

General requirements

  • The applicant/Project Owner must come from an eligible category of institution.
  • The application must lie within the scope/satisfy the objectives of this call.
  • The funding amount sought, expenses to be covered and any own funding to be provided must be in keeping with the framework of the call.
  • The budget must be formulated correctly so that it clearly indicates what the funding will cover.
  • The application form must be completed in full.
  • The required attachments must be included using the dedicated templates.
  • The project description must provide answers to the items set out in the text of the call.
  • The application and all attachments must be written in Norwegian or English.
  • All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.

You may revise and resubmit your grant application form multiple times up to the application submission deadline. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as you have filled in the grant application form and included all mandatory attachments. After the deadline, it is the most recently submitted version of the grant application that will be processed.

Mandatory attachments

  • Use the standard templates available for download at the end of the call.
  • The CV of the project manager using the template available for download at the end of the call.
  • The CVs of the partners using the template available for download at the end of the call.

Applications that do not meet the requirements listed above will be rejected.

We will not assess documents and websites linked to in the application, or other attachments than those specified above. There is no technical validation of the content of the attachments you upload, so please make sure that you upload the correct file for the selected type of attachment.

Administrative procedures

The applications will be assessed by the Research Council’s administration in relation to the general requirements and guidelines stated in the call. We will then write a recommendation to the Portfolio Board for Health which will make the final decision regarding the approval or rejection of grant applications.

Mandatory attachment

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