Public basic funding for research institutes

There are 33 research institutes receiving basic funding under this scheme, which is administered by the Research Council. See below for information about the requirements for receiving basic public funding.

Basic funding is divided into two parts consisting of a basic allocation and strategic institute initiatives. All ministries may allocate funding for strategic institute initiatives in selected areas. At present, the environmental institutes, the primary industry institutes and the foreign policy institutes are receiving funding under this part of the scheme.

The guidelines for public basic funding (in Norwegian only) were laid down by Royal Decree in December 2008 and revised by the Ministry of Education and Research in 2020 and 2021.

The 33 research institutes currently receiving basic funding (pdf in Norwegian only).

The basic allocation comprises a fixed amount and an amount determined by performance.

The performance-based portion of the basic allocation is intended to encourage institutes to seek a good balance between the quality and relevance of the research, and is distributed on the basis of selected performance indicators such as income from nationally commissioned research, income from international sources, scientific publication and facilitation of doctoral degrees.

Requirements for receiving public basic funding

To qualify for basic funding, research institutes must:

  • Conduct research of interest to Norwegian trade and industry, government administration or society at large;
  • Possess the necessary professional and scientific competencies, as demonstrated in scientific publication, etc.;
  • Carry out research activity on a large enough scale to ensure that genuine competence-building takes place in the organisation;
  • Participate in open competition for national and international research funding;
  • Be a part of the effective distribution of tasks within the Norwegian research system;
  • Not pay out dividends or provide other direct or indirect benefits to the owner or other close stakeholders;
  • Ensure that the principles for academic freedom apply to all publicly-funded research conducted by researchers employed at the institute.

In 2014, we published further clarification of the basic requirements that must be fulfilled to qualify research institutes for basic funding (pdf in Norwegian only). This entails the following: 

  • Income from nationally and internationally commissioned research must comprise at least 25 per cent of total R&D revenues.
  • Scholarly publication measured by publication points per researcher full-time equivalent (FTE) must correspond to at least one-third of the average for the institute’s arena.
  • The institute must have at least 20 researcher FTEs.
  • The income from funding contributions (e.g. from the Research Council and the EU) must comprise at least 10 per cent of total R&D revenues.

This information is obtained from the key figures reported to us by the research institutes each year.



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