10 tips for successful application to Horizon Europe

Here you will find our ten tips for companies to succeed with an application to Horizon Europe.

  1. Start early and set aside plenty of time for your application.

  2. Describe what will happen, not only during the project phase, but also after the project has ended. What impact will the project have?

  3. Contact the Research Council of Norway or Innovation Norway's experts to test the project idea.

  4. Apply to the Research Council for national funding for project establishment.

  5. Involve good project partners in the application.

  6. Attend free courses organised by the Research Council.

  7. Use easy-to-understand language that gets your points across and use graphical representations where possible.

  8. Include standardisation in the application (CEN).

  9. Be sure that you have responded to what the call asks for.

  10. Get other eyes to read through the application, either internal to the organization or external consultants.


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