Funding for Research Infrastructure of National Importance

Important dates

04 Oct 2023

Open for applications

15 Nov 2023

Application deadline

Important dates


This is a notification of an upcoming call. This is a call for the establishment and/or upgrade of research infrastructure of national importance. The call includes Norwegian participation in cooperation on the establishment or upgrade of international research infrastructures. Only applicants who submit the mandatory project outline with a deadline of 21 June 2023, can apply.

About the call for proposals

The submission of outlines is mandatory and serves as the first phase of this year's research infrastructure application process. The objective of this call for outlines is to improve national coordination and interaction between institutions and research infrastructures that operate within the same area. 

You can submit an outline by 21 June, 2023. Project outlines received will not be assessed professionally or strategically. See link to the project outline call at the top of the page.

It will be possible to apply for funding for:

  • establishment of research infrastructure of national importance that is given high priority by the management of the collaborating institutions. The establishment may concern further development and/or upgrading of existing facilities previously supported through INFRASTRUKTUR or the establishment of research infrastructures that have not previously received support through INFRASTRUKTUR, but which build on existing facilities (NOK 2–200 million). Research infrastructures for which funding is sought must be so well prepared that the investment can start in the course of 2024.
  • pre-project for research infrastructure initiatives that need a planning phase to be mature for funding for a later call (up to NOK 2 million)

More information about the call will be published in June 2023.

Who is eligible to apply?

The call is open to approved Norwegian research organisations and publicly funded managers of research infrastructure that cooperate closely with Norwegian research organisations. See here for the list of approved Norwegian research organisations.

Who can participate in the project?

More information about the call will be published in June.

What can you seek funding for?

More information about the call will be published in June.

Relevant thematic areas for this call

Research infrastructure

Advanced production processesAgricultureAquacultureBasic research in mathematics and natural sciencesBiodiversity and the environmentBioeconomyBiotechnologyClimateCultureDemocracy, power and governanceDigitalisation and use of ICTEnvironment-friendly energyFoodForeign and international relationsHealthMaritime sectorMineral resourcesNanotechnology/advanced materialsPetroleumPolarResearch on ICT developmentTransport and mobilityWelfare

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

More information about the call will be published in June.

Assessment criteria

Grant applications will be assessed in the light of the objective of the call and on the following criteria:


The extent to which the infrastructure will contribute to scientific renewal and/or scope
• The extent to which the infrastructure will help to elevate Norwegian research to a top international level;
• The extent to which the infrastructure provides services that meet the needs of relevant research communities or research areas.

The quality and uniqueness of the infrastructure
• The extent to which the infrastructure is "state-of-the-art" – the best technological solutions are being chosen;
• How the infrastructure is aligned with the landscape of existing, relevant infrastructures, and the extent to which the proposal has been coordinated with these.


Potential impacts
•The extent to which the infrastructure will have a potential impact on:
- the research system;
- innovation;
- society.

Accessibility and utilisation
• The extent to which:
- the infrastructure will be made accessible to all relevant users;
- there will be dissemination and communication activities targeted towards all relevant stakeholders/users;
- the infrastructure facilitates user participation from research communities, the business sector, public administration and other relevant contributors.


Quality of project management and organisation
• The extent to which:
- the project manager has the necessary qualifications to lead the project;
- the project group has the relevant expertise and resources needed to establish, operate and offer services to relevant user groups;
- the project organisation is suitable for the infrastructure.

Plans for establishment/upgrade and operation of the infrastructure
• The extent to which:
- there is a carefully weighed, realistic plan for establishing/upgrading the infrastructure, including breakdown into work packages/sub-projects, milestones, deliverables, costs and resource needs;
- there are plans for how to make optimal use of the infrastructure;
- there are well thought out plans for how the data that the infrastructure generates/manages are to be structured, stored and published or otherwise made accessible;
- there is a risk assessment and proposed measures for dealing with any high-risk incidents.

• Applications proposing the establishment/upgrade of a Norwegian node of an international research infrastructure collaboration will be assessed on the extent to which the role distribution between the Norwegian partner (node) and the international partners is clearly defined and suitable (based on the information provided by the applicant in a special attachment).

Assessment of technical solutions
• The extent to which the proposed technical solutions are sufficiently mature to warrant establishment of the infrastructure;
• Projects involving independent development of equipment and technical solutions will also be assessed as to:
- whether it is documented that no available solutions exist in the market, which justify the independent development;
- whether the underlying methodology/technology has been demonstrated as functional in a relevant environment (Technology Readiness Level 6 as defined in the European Commission).

Overall assessment of the referee/panel

Overall assessment of the referee/panel based, on the criteria Excellence, Impact and Implementation.

Special priorities of the call

The extent to which the project satisfies the special priorities set out in the call for proposals in addition to those mentioned below. These priorities will be specified in the calls for proposals.

National importance

• Assessment of the extent to which the infrastructure:
- is of widespread national interest;
- will be available in only one or a few locations in Norway;
- supports national priority research areas and strategies.

Cooperation and task-sharing

• Assessment of the extent to which the project:
- contributes to the constructive distribution of tasks and responsibilities at the national level;
- will make use of national research expertise;
- promotes national cooperation on investments in and operation of research infrastructures.

• When relevant, assessment of the extent to which the project:
- cooperates with other relevant national and/or international infrastructures.

Strategic basis within the institution

• Assessment of the extent to which the project reflects the strategic basis of the institution, and its role in relation to the Project Owner’s and partners’ strategic objectives and plans.

Benefits to society

• The extent to which the infrastructure will promote:
- innovation and/or value creation in the business and/or the public sector, when this is relevant;
- increased knowledge/expertise of importance to society.

Implementation and organisation

• The extent to which:
- the project has a financially robust operational model for the infrastructure;
- the funding plan for establishing/upgrading the infrastructure is well thought out and realistic;
- good plans are in place to make the infrastructure accessible to users outside the host institutions;
- the project incorporates adequate coordination and an appropriate distribution of tasks and obligations regarding the establishment/upgrade and operation of the infrastructure;
o For applications for upgrades/further development of an existing infrastructure, the achievement of targets in previous phases funded by the Research Council will be assessed.
o For applications for long-term basic funding for operation, the need for support will be based on the information provided by the applicant in a special attachment.
- the project is sufficiently mature for implementation;
- it is possible to plan for phase-by-phase implementation and whether the budgetary framework can be reduced while maintaining the project’s objectives.

Overall assessment of administrative review panels

An overall assessment of the application will be carried out based on the referee assessments and the assessment criteria. The administrative review panel will assess proposals based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in the referee assessments and assessment criteria it has reviewed itself.

Administrative procedures

More information about the call will be published in June.

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