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INTPART International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation

Important dates

02 Feb 2022

Date call is made active

16 Mar 2022

Application submission deadline

01 Aug 2022

Earliest permitted project start

31 Oct 2022

Latest permitted project start

31 Oct 2027

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates

Last updates

23 Jun 2022

We expect to publish application results in October 2022.

02 Mar 2022

It will not be possible to enter into partnerships with Russian partners under this call.

11 Feb 2022

Centres for Clinical Treatment Research scheme (FKB) are added to the list of schemes the Project Owner must be a host institution or formal partner in. 


Norwegian research organisations may apply for funding for partnerships with Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, China, South Africa, South Korea and the United States. Funding may also be sought for partnerships with Germany and France under this call.

The INTPART scheme was established as a follow-up to the Long-Term Plan for Research and Higher Education and efforts to develop more world-leading academic environments in Norway. The scheme will also follow up the Panorama Strategy – Strategy for cooperation on research and higher education with Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the USA (2021–2027).

Under this call, it will not be possible to enter into partnerships with Russian partners.

The INTPART program also aims to address the following secondary goals:

  • Long-term international partnerships that enhance the quality of higher education and research in Norway.
  • Strong links between higher education and research within the frameworks of the partnerships.
  • Cooperation with the business and public sectors to enhance quality and relevance within the frameworks of the partnerships, where relevant.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
680 000 000
Amount awarded
70 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
337241STIFTELSEN NORGES GEOTEKNISKE INSTITUTTEnhancing risk management & resilience to natural hazards in India, Brazil, & Norway through collaborative education, research, & innovationN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337259NORCE KlimaClimate Action Transdisciplinarity in Education and ResearchN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337301HVLCollaborative Research Based Education for Optimized Performance of Wind FarmsN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337316NORSK REGNESENTRALInternational Alliance for Strengthening Cybersecurity and Privacy in HealthcareN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337238NTNUSociomaterial transformations in Norway and East AsiaN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337262OSLOMETFive-Star Alliance to Minimize the Built Environment’s Carbon Footprint: A Coordinated Move Toward Net-Zero StructuresN/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022
337245STIFTELSEN NANSEN SENTER FOR MILJØ OG FJERNMÅLINGUseful Arctic Knowledge: Training, Collaboration, and Innovation in ocean observing.N/ANOK 10 000 0007.11.2022

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For the application deadline 24 April, we manage our hotline +47 22 03 72 00 Monday 22 April and Thursday 23 April at CEST 08.00–15.45 and Wednesday 24 April at CEST 08.00-13.00.