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Norwegian Centre of Excellence – SFF-V – Phase 2

Hotline for the deadline 20 October

For the application deadline 20 October, we manage the hotline 22 03 72 00 as follows: Monday 18 October CET 08.00-15.45, Tuesday 19 October CET 08.00-15.45 and Wednesday 20 October CET 08.00-13.00. 


If you have any questions, see Questions and answers about the call for proposals for SFF-V (mostly in Norwegian, but some Q&As are also in English). 

Important dates

11 Jun 2021

Invitation to Phase 2

16 Jun 2021

Information meeting about Phase 2

08 Sep 2021

Date call is made active

17 Sep 2021

Information meeting about the application form

20 Oct 2021

Application submission deadline

01 Sep 2022

Tidligste tillatte prosjektstart

08 Sep 2022

Decision on funding awards

01 Dec 2022

Latest permitted project start

30 Nov 2032

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The SFF scheme gives Norway’s best researchers the opportunity to organise their research activities in centres that seek to achieve ambitious scientific objectives through collaboration and with long-term basic funding.

The research conducted at the centres must be innovative and have major potential to generate ground-breaking results that advance the international research frontier.

The centres must work with ambitious ideas and complex problems that require coordinated, long-term research activities within or across disciplines to achieve their objectives.

The call is open to grant applications within all disciplines and research areas.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
6 349 709 000
Amount awarded
1 400 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
332727UNIVERSITETET I OSLOPrecision Immuntherapy AllianceN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332713UNIVERSITETET I OSLOCentre for Embryology and Healthy DevelopmentN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332673UNIVERSITETET I BERGENBCEPS+ (Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health)N/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332645UNIVERSITETET I OSLOIntegreat - The Norwegian centre for knowledge-driven machine learningN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332643UNIVERSITETET I BERGENCenter for Digital NarrativeN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332640NTNUCAC - Centre for Algorithms in the CortexN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332635UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET UIT CAMPUS TROMSØCentre for ice, Cryosphere, Carbon and ClimateN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
332523UNIVERSITETET I OSLOCentre for Planetary HabitabilityN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022
331640UNIVERSITETET I OSLOCREATE - Centre for Research on Equality in EducationN/ANOK 155 555 00007.11.2022

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