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Researcher Project for Young Talents

Important dates

16 Dec 2020

Date call is made active

10 Feb 2021

Application submission deadline

01 Jul 2021

Earliest permitted project start

01 Dec 2021

Latest permitted project start

30 Nov 2025

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


Funding is intended to give talented young researchers under the age of 40 in all disciplines and thematic areas the opportunity to pursue their ideas and lead a research project. This call is targeted towards researchers in the early stages of their careers, 2–7 years after defence of an approved doctorate, who have demonstrated the potential to conduct research of high scientific quality.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 4 213 600 000
Amount awarded
NOK 433 700 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
326039UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET UIT CAMPUS TROMSØCharacterization and Assessment of Structuring Connected to Auroral Dynamics using EISCAT_3DN/AN/A24.06.2021
326487Institutt for språk og kulturLinguistic Economy through transfer Source Selectivity (LESS): A neurocognitive investigation of linguistic transfer in multilingualismN/AN/A24.06.2021
324835Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskapThe Double-edged Sword of News Recommenders' Impact on Democracy (NEWSREC)N/AN/A24.06.2021
326532NORGES IDRETTSHØGSKOLEStudent athlete learning, psychosocial development, mental health and well-being in secondary school sport classesN/AN/A24.06.2021
326391STATISTISK SENTRALBYRÅThe Gender Pay Gap: Firms, Children, and Unpaid WorkN/AN/A24.06.2021
326285Institutt for geovitenskapMethanotrophic communities in iceN/AN/A24.06.2021
326209Institutt for klinisk og molekylær medisinThe role of smooth muscle derived factors in colorectal cancer metastasisN/AN/A24.06.2021
325874FAKULTET FOR BIOVITENSKAPUnveiling the evolutionary and functional impact of genomic structural variants of Atlantic salmonN/AN/A24.06.2021
325826NTNU VITENSKAPSMUSEETSocial dynamics and eco-evolutionary feedbacks in wild populationsN/AN/A24.06.2021
325415Psykologisk instituttLifespan Memory Imaging Redux – Can Change in Activity Reconfigurations Be an Early Marker of Future Memory Decline?N/AN/A24.06.2021
325405FAKULTET FOR BIOVITENSKAP, FISKERI OG ØKONOMIBottom-sea ice Respiration and nutrient Exchanges Assessed for THE ArcticN/AN/A24.06.2021
325376FAKULTET FOR KJEMI, BIOTEKNOLOGI OG MATVITENSKAPDegradation of lignin by bacteriaN/AN/A24.06.2021
325334UNIVERSITETET I OSLOVulnerability of overwintering Arctic zooplankton to multiple stressorsN/AN/A24.06.2021
325320HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET AVD BERGENTripGenWelfare: The influence of inbreeding and aberrant inheritance on welfare in gynogenic, triploid, and tetraploid Atlantic salmonN/AN/A24.06.2021
325305University of OsloDETECT and PROTECT – surviving insults to intracellular compartmentsN/AN/A24.06.2021
325260Psykologisk instituttAntecedents of cross-cultural adaptation: A meta-analysis 1988-2025N/AN/A24.06.2021
325245Institutt for spesialpedagogikkThe Choice Architecture of Admission to Education (ArcEd)N/AN/A24.06.2021
325205Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi, Universitetet i OsloWeaving the fabric of Elite Bonds (WEB)N/AN/A24.06.2021
325192Institutt for medisinske basalfagCardioTarget: Development of targeted therapies for HFpEFN/AN/A24.06.2021
325188NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDProvision of labour rights to migrant workers. (PROMI)N/AN/A24.06.2021
325041Senter for økologisk og evolusjonær syntese - CEESModelling the epidemiological dynamics of past and current zoonotic diseases in humansN/AN/A24.06.2021
324890HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET AVD BERGENMATUREWEL - Welfare gains based on revealing molecular roles of Vgll3a in salmon pubertyN/AN/A24.06.2021
324882Psykologisk instituttImaging the change. Biological pathways for resilience and resistance to memory decline in older age.N/AN/A24.06.2021
324844CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGRight-wing populism and the political feasibility of climate policyN/AN/A24.06.2021
324794NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGHepatic 3D spheroids: the next generation of testing in toxicology (SPHERTOX)N/AN/A24.06.2021
324754Institutt for filosofi, ide- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språkNarrative Hierarchies: Minor Characters in Byzantine and Medieval History WritingN/AN/A24.06.2021
324454UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGER ARKEOLOGISK MUSEUMViking beacons - Militarism in northern EuropeN/AN/A24.06.2021
324437STIFTELSEN HANDELSHØYSKOLEN BIFunding Frictions after the global financial crisisN/AN/A24.06.2021
324393Institutt for rettsvitenskap, filosofi og internasjonale studierPerceiving voice and speaker - how we experience each other when communicating and what it does to usN/AN/A24.06.2021
324383NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTReactions to state regulation of Islam in times of Daesh: compliance, collaborative autonomy, resistance (STATEISLAM)N/AN/A24.06.2021
324332NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUEmotion Crafting: A Proactive View on Adolescents’ Pathways towards Desired EmotionsN/AN/A24.06.2021
324207Institutt for spesialpedagogikkBetter equipped for school: Identifying children who needs extra language support in preschoolN/AN/A24.06.2021
324201POLITIHØGSKOLENInvestigating Contested Theories on Extreme-Right TerrorismN/AN/A24.06.2021
324137Institutt for biovitenskapURGE-3D: Unraveling new gene dysregulation modules in cancer through integrated multi-constraint 3D genome modelingN/AN/A24.06.2021
324045MF VITENSKAPELIG HØYSKOLEMEMOROBIA: Memorialisation of Romani enslavement in territories of contemporary RomaniaN/AN/A24.06.2021
326317Senter for materialvitenskap og nanoteknologiNano-structured porous networks of M70 ring-shaped clustersN/AN/A24.06.2021
326249Institutt for datateknologi, elektroteknologi og realfagEnabling Highly Automated Cross-Organisational Workflow PlanningN/AN/A24.06.2021
326241SINTEF MANUFACTURING ASNew principle for production of layered three-dimensional multi-material productsN/AN/A24.06.2021
326238UNIVERSITETET I OSLOPOLARIS - evolution of the Arctic in deep time.N/AN/A24.06.2021
326218Institutt for fysikk og teknologiReducing toxicity in proton therapy through biological optimizationN/AN/A24.06.2021
326014Institutt for geografi, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitetA pilot study of drivers and societal impacts of freshwater discharge from glacial systems in Norway and the Chinese KarakoramN/AN/A24.06.2021
325819NJORDMixing in Multiphase flows through Microporous MediaN/AN/A24.06.2021
325574NTNUA grand-canonical framework for ground and excited state properties of molecules with electron number fluctuationsN/AN/A24.06.2021
325519Institutt for geofagGlobal snow depths from spaceborne remote sensing for permafrost, high-elevation precipitation, and climate reanalysesN/AN/A24.06.2021
325231UNIVERSITETET I OSLO SENTRALADMINISTRASJONSpecTraM: Accurate Prediction and Interpretation of NMR Spectra in Transition-Metal ComplexesN/AN/A24.06.2021
325074Fysisk instituttSPACEPROBE: Small-satellite Positioned ACcurate non-Equilibrium Plasma Resolving methodOlogy for particle-Bombarding EnvironmentsN/AN/A24.06.2021
325063Institutt for materialteknologiHeterostructure optimization and novel epitaxy yielding chalcogenide-oxide magnetic bilayersN/AN/A24.06.2021
324818Institutt for fysikk og teknologiIn-situ quantification of CO2 flow and mobility control for improved carbon utilization and storageN/AN/A24.06.2021
324556CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGThe role of anthropogenic dust in the present and future climate systemN/AN/A24.06.2021
324555NJORDFlowConn: Connectivity enhancement due to thin liquid films in porous media flowsN/AN/A24.06.2021
324523Institutt for teoretisk astrofysikkOscillations in the Realistic Corona of the SunN/AN/A24.06.2021
324442Institutt for elektroniske systemerMiddle Atlantic Ridge Study with Three-Dimensional Magnetotelluric novel TechniquesN/AN/A24.06.2021
324388Institutt for maskin- og marinfagHYDROMORE – HYDROdynamic Mooring analysis for Ocean Renewable EnergyN/AN/A24.06.2021
324235Institutt for matematiske fagRealistic Cryptography for Large-scale ApplicationsN/AN/A24.06.2021

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