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Research School for Quality and Relevance

The funding decisions are expected to be announced in December 2021 or in January 2022.

Important dates

04 Aug 2021

Date call is made active

15 Sep 2021

Application submission deadline

December 2021

Applicants will be notified of funding decisions

01 Jan 2022

Earliest permitted project start

01 Jul 2022

Latest permitted project start

30 Jun 2030

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


Through these funds, we wish to support projects that increase doctoral degree programmes’ relevance to the labour market. One of the goals is to improve collaboration between academia and other social actors through researcher training. We encourage applicants to develop and use new methods and approaches to that end, in collaboration with one or more partners in industry, the public sector and/or organisations. 

National research schools will raise the quality and relevance of Norwegian doctoral degree programmes through renewal and quality development, and high-quality and relevant scientific training. This is achieved through national and international networks. The goal is for the candidates to receive a coordinated and high-quality education that qualifies them for research and other work that requires a high level of scientific insight and expertise.

National research schools are based on a network of scientific communities that can include universities, university colleges and research institutes, which can supplement the institutions’ own doctoral degree programmes. Candidates affiliated to a research school complete their PhD at their own educational institution.

In this call, we coordinate funds from several activities, and it is open to applications for all thematic areas. The application can be organised under a national or regional network, and it must be affiliated to a strong scientific community that is also the host.  

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
364 386 000
Amount awarded
191 901 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
332042 UiBHySchool - Norwegian research school on the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels as energy carriers in industry and society N/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331948UiBResearch school in NutritionN/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331876UiTPhotosynthetic Eukaryotes: From Fundamentals to Applications in Biology, Bioproduction and BiotechnologyN/A15 999 00018.01.2022
331875 UiANorwegian Graduate School in Mathematics and Science Education N/A15 977 00018.01.2022
331853USNIndustrial Research School in Complex SystemsN/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331843Oslo-MetThe Norwegian Research School on Digitalization, xCulture and Society (DIGIT)N/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331801 NTNUResearch School for Training the Next Generation of Micro-and Nanotechnology Researchers in Norway (TNNN) N/A16 mill. kroner 18.01.2022
331793HVLNorwegian Research School for Early Childhood Education (NORCHILD) N/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331790NMBUEmpowered Futures: A Global Research School Navigating the Social and Environmental Controversies of Low-Carbon Energy TransitionsN/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331723UiONORA Norwegian AI Research SchoolN/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331712 UiSPROFRES 2.0 The Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional and Practice-Near Research School: Shaping Future Welfare N/A16 000 00018.01.2022
331696 UiT – Norges arktiske universitetNorwegian Research School of Social Work and Child Welfare  N/A15 925 000 18.01.2022

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