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ACT3 – CO2 Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Important dates

10 Nov 2020

Application deadline, Stage 1

11 Dec 2020

Feedback on the result of the evaluation of Stage 1 applications

01 Feb 2021

Date call is made active

15 Mar 2021

Application deadline, Stage 2

15 Mar 2021

Application submission deadline

31 Aug 2021

Consideration of Stage 2 applications expected to be completed

01 Sep 2021

Earliest permitted project start

31 Dec 2021

Latest permitted project start

31 Dec 2025

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


ACT (Accelerating CCS Technology) is an international initiative to support research, development and demonstration in CO2 capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

About the call for proposals

The Research Council is administering a call with a budget of approximately EUR 30 million for CO2 capture, utilisation and storage through an international joint call for proposals with 15 participating countries and regions.

See the full call text on ACT’s website:

The call for proposals has been approved as an aid scheme by The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) with the reference GBER 32/2021/R&D&I.

Who is eligible to apply?

The call is open to approved organisations from all countries participating in the ACT3 Call. Details are provided in Annex 1 of the call text on ACT’s website.

Who can participate in the project?

The Project Owner and project participants must meet the requirements set out in the call text on ACT’s website.

What can you seek funding for?

Costs eligible for support will vary from country to country. Details for each country are specified in Annex 1 of the call text; see

The budget must be formulated using ACT’s template:

Relevant thematic areas for this call

The call is only open to applications for CO2 capture, utilisation and storage projects.

Energy, transport and low emissions

CO2 capture and storage

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

The application must be based on the pre-proposal, submitted to ACT by the deadline 10 November 2020.

You may revise and resubmit your grant application form multiple times up to the application submission deadline. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as you have filled in the application form and included all mandatory attachments. After the deadline, it is the most recently submitted version of the grant application that will be processed.

  • The application and all attachments must be submitted in English.
  • All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.

All attachment templates are available here: 

Mandatory attachments

  • A project description based on the standard ACT template, of no more than 75 pages.
  • A budget based on the standard ACT template.

Applications that do not meet the requirements listed above will be rejected.

Optional attachments

  • A Letter of Intent from all partners.
  • CVs of key members of the project.

We will not assess documents and websites linked to in the application, or other attachments than those specified above. There is no technical validation of the content of uploaded attachments, so please ensure that you upload the correct file for the selected type of attachment.

Assessment criteria

Grant applications will be assessed in relation to the following criteria:

Excellence | ACT

• In accordance with the objectives of the call text.
• Clarity and relevance of the project’s objectives.
• Credibility of the proposed technology/concept – including trans-disciplinary considerations, where relevant.
• Credibility of the proposed project approach.
• Ambition and innovation potential - e.g. beyond the current state of the art.
• Added value of transnational co-operation within CCS.
• Scientific merit.

Impact | ACT

• Expected contribution to the facilitation of the emergence of CCS (e.g. through cost and risk reduction, involvement of relevant industrial partners, opening niche markets, surmounting major barriers).
• Strength of the proposed research data management, exploitation and dissemination plans (including IPR management, where relevant).
• Impact on any other environmental or socially important impacts, such as public acceptance.
• Industrial relevance.

Implementation | ACT

• Coherence and expected effectiveness of the project plan, including the appropriateness of task, use of methods, resource allocation and timing.
• Budget allocation.
• Strength of management structures and governance procedures, including risk management.
• Capability of the Lead Applicant (and partners) to deliver the project and to commercialize the technology further - including e.g. suitability of expertise, complementarity, balance of contributions.

Administrative procedures

All applications will be considered by international experts.

After a panel assessment, the applications will first be considered by ACT’s Policy Board, followed by consideration at the national level in each country and region participating in the call to make a decision on whether to fund or reject the application.

The funding decisions are expected to be announced in July 2021.

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