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Seven tips for filling in your grant application

Completing a grant application to the Research Council is time-consuming and there are many potential stumbling blocks. Here are some tips for how to fill in and submit your application successfully, well in advance of the deadline.

See our seven tips

Learn more about the application form

You can access the application form through the call for proposals you select. The following provides an overview of what you will be asked to do and a brief explanation of the terminology used in the application form.

General application requirements

A detailed description of the requirements for grant applications is found in the individual call for proposals and the appropriate application form with accompanying instructions for applicants. Grant applications that do not satisfy these requirements will be rejected.


Application types

The Research Council uses standardised application types. The application type describes which assessment criteria and requirements apply to the application. On the "New application types in 2019" page you will find an overview of the application types.

State aid rules

The state aid rules set the guidelines for how much funding the Research Council can allocate to companies.

Information security, publication and access

The Research Council follows strict guidelines for dissemination and publication of project data, handling of requests for access and securing of sensitive data. These guidelines are based on Norwegian law.

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