Demonstration Projects for the Industrial Sector

Does your company need support to demonstrate and verify innovations such as new technology, processes or new services within the tematic areas of oceans, the maritime sector, petroleum or land-based food, the environment and bioresources?

If you have results that you need to get tested to quickly arrive at a product, process or service that is to be commercialized, a Demonstration Project may be relevant for you.

The starting point for a Demonstration Project for the Industrial Sector can be an R&D project, for example Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector or a separate company-led project. The need you have now is to pilot the innovation before market introduction and further commercialization.

Demonstration Projects are to strengthen companies’ own efforts to demonstrate new technology for applications with major socio-economic benefits. Projects are to ensure expertise, value creation, job creation and a competitive industrial sector in Norway.

Who is eligible to apply?

The formal applicant must be a company that has been issued an enterprise number under the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and that carries out economic activity in Norway. Specific requirements apply for collaboration with other companies/actors in the value chain. These requirements vary somewhat between the thematic areas and are described in the calls.

Sole proprietorships and research organisations are not eligible to serve as the formal applicant.

Relevant thematic areas

Oceans/Maritime sector - Petroleum - Land-based food, the environment and bioresources

Please contact the people listed as contacts in the call for proposal for more information about the topic and the amount of project funding available.

What characterizes a Demonstration Project?

Demonstration Projects build on a specific innovation produced by the companies participating in the project. The innovation can be in the form of a new product, service or production process, or as a new means of delivering products and services.
The innovation may also be in the form of significant improvements to or new characteristics of existing products, processes or services.

Companies need to demonstrate and verify technology/innovations in order to successfully introduce their product on the market and move forward with commercialization. It is this need for development (“experimental development”) that the project is to cover.

Demonstration should be done under real conditions.

  • The R&D activities must follow Article 25 of the Group Exemption Regulation and primarily be experimental development as the term is defined in state aid rules.
  • The project has a scope and a professional risk profile that indicates that the companies will not carry out the project without public support. Funding from the Research Council shall provide a critical risk relief for carrying out the activities. Project support will be crucial to triggering private investment in the company to realise the innovation.

When can you submit your application?

In 2022, you can apply when you want from January to September 14th. The Research Council evaluate the proposals twice a year. If you apply before 9 Mars you will receive an answer at the end of June, if you apply before 14 September you will receive an answer in mid-December.

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