Main projects

The next call for proposals for main project is planned with a deadline in the autumn of 2023.

Under the call for main projects, funding may be sought for large projects with a duration of three to four years, with a need for support of around NOK 10-20 million per project. The projects must be designed so that the objectives described in the background for Pilot Health can be realised.

What characterises a Pilot Health project?

A Pilot Health project must be

  • based on recognised and specific needs in the specialist health service and/or the municipal health and care services that are either rooted in patients/residents or in the service itself
  • an ambitious innovation process with a high probability for future implementation and scaling of solutions nationally and internationally
  • a collaboration between several actors across the public, private and possibly voluntary sectors that safeguards the users' perspective in a good way

A Pilot Health project must

  • contain R&D activities that contribute to the development of innovative technologies, processes, products or services that respond to identified and clarified needs
  • include R&D activities that help ensure that these solutions can be implemented, commercialised and scaled retrospectively or in parallel with the R&D project
  • have the potential to provide quantifiable gains in both the public and private sectors

See the previous call for main projects here: Pilot Health Main Call 2021.

Please note that a new call for proposals may have different requirements and new templates.

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