Personal Overseas Research Grants

Personal Overseas Research Grants are to cover costs of settling in and related extra costs in connection with the research visit.

Overseas Research Grants are awarded as part of a project funded by the Research Council, i.e. as an integral part of a researcher project, or they may be announced separately.

Overseas Research Grants may also be sought by companies or public sector entities that receive project support under the Public Sector Ph.D. Scheme or the Industrial Ph.D. Scheme.

Grants of this type are ordinarily only provided for visits abroad lasting from three to 12 months.

Disbursement of Personal Overseas Research Grants
The Project Owner is responsible for disbursing the grant payment to the research fellow. Any surplus funding may be subject to taxation.

See here for rates and other financial provisions for Overseas Research Grants

Rules for Overseas Research Grants for fellowship positions

Research fellows must conclude their research stay abroad by at the latest six months before the end of the research fellowship period.

Attachments that must be submitted with the grant application include:

  • a recommendation from the project manager;
  • an invitation from the host institution abroad;
  • a CV for the research fellow;
  • a project description.

Further details on mandatory attachments to the grant application will be specified in the call for proposals. Overseas Research Grants are also available for doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship-holders who will be spending their entire fellowship period abroad.

Cases when Overseas Research Grants will not be granted

At the time of submission of the grant application, applicants must not have studied or worked for more than 12 months over the past three years in the country where the international host institution is located. Exceptions may be made to this rule if the international host institution has equipment, facilities and expertise that are not available in Norway or other countries that would be appropriate for a researcher stay.

Overseas Research Grants may not be used to spend parts of the fellowship period on Svalbard.