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The Research Council allocates project funding to companies within the framework set out in the EU state aid rules. 

Doctoral projects in industry and the public sector

Entities in the public and private sectors may seek funding for a doctoral project to be carried out by an employee in collaboration with a university or university college.

Doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships

Project Owners seeking Research Council funding may also apply for funding for doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships as part of their grant application.

Fellowship grants

Fellowship grants from the Research Council may be sought by research organisations. The grant finances a position associated with the implementation of a projec.

The STUD-ENT funding scheme is the Research Council’s national competitive arena in which students, together with higher education institutions, may seek financial support for realising their knowledge- and/or research-based business ideas.

We provide support for the commercialisation of results from research projects that have received Research Council funding. This applies to results that may be of benefit to society and also encompasses projects with participation from the business sector.

Webinar for applicants

We hold webinars for research organisations and organisations in the private and public sectors in order to provide insight into what different applicants need to know about the new application types and assessment criteria being introduced by the Research Council this year. This video is about the application types “Researcher Projects” and “Knowledge-building and Collaboration Projects” and is relevant for research organisations (46 min., in Norwegian).

See questions and answers from webinars on new application types (docx).