Regional science centres

The Research Council administers funding to the regional science centres. A science centre is a popular scientific experience – as well as a learning centre in mathematics, the natural sciences and technology. The centres' primary concern is conveying the excitement of scientific work and experiments, rather than just the scientific results.

The regional science centres' goal is to inspire and motivate children and youth and the general public to learn more about the natural sciences and technology.

The science centres funded under the scheme are to offer high-quality experiences for pupils, students, teachers, parents and the general public in the various region.

The steering group for the grant scheme for the regional science centers (VITEN)

  • Ove Gunnar Drageset, Professor in mathematics education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Merethe Frøyland, Head of Department, Norwegian Centre for Science Education
  • Leif Lømo, Independent consultant and former special advisor at Statoil
  • Hanne Mari Sæther, Principal, Heimdal High School
  • Silje Ibsen, Teacher at Risør primary school

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