Research Council activities relating to transport

A well-functioning transport system is essential for the economy and societal development, but it also entails challenges related to climate and the environment, safety and accessibility. The Research Council works to encourage research groups, companies and the public sector to develop and implement new knowledge and innovations that promote sustainable solutions for transport and mobility by road, rail, sea and air.

was allocated for this thematic area in 2018

261million NOK

The Project Databank provides statistics and information about the projects funded by the Research Council within this thematic area.

Key programmes for this thematic area

Activities under the Research Council’s programmes extend across multiple thematic areas. The programmes listed here are the largest contributors of funding for this thematic area.

The ENERGIX programme seeks to facilitate the transition to a low-emission society and promote a competitive Norwegian business sector. 

  • achieve sustainable utilisation and efficient consumption of Norway’s renewable energy resources 
  • reduce Norwegian and global emissions of greenhouse gases 
  • enhance Norway’s security of supply 
  • strengthen innovation in Norwegian trade and industry and the public sector 
  • further develop Norwegian research and educational institutions 
  • Pilot-T initiative 
  • an efficient, reliable and sustainable transport system  
  • innovative solutions for mobility and transport 
  • future transport needs: road, rail, sea and air  

Infrastructure that facilitates high-quality research. 

  • electronic infrastructure (e-infrastructure) 
  • scientific databases  
  • scientific collections 
  • scientific equipment 
  • large-scale research facilities, laboratories 
  • renewable energy 
  • raising energy efficiency 
  • carbon capture and storage 
  • social sciences 
  • green shipping 
  • ability to manage demanding maritime operations 
  • offshore, aquaculture, fisheries, oil spill preparedness 
  • central to the Research Council’s ocean technology initiative 
  • increase the number of companies using research in their innovation activities 
  • expand the range of research groups at R&D institutions that are relevant partners for industry 
  • strengthen the connection between regional and national efforts on research-based innovation