Investment plan

The investment plan describes how the portfolio plan is intended to be operationalized. It contains the priorities that form the basis for the use of the portfolio board's own funds, as well as plans for calls for proposals and other activities. The investment plan is for three years, but is updated annually.

​​Investment Plan 2024-2027​

The Investment Plan is part of the governing documents of the Portfolio.  Together with the Portfolio Analysis and the Portfolio Plan it gives the Board and the users of the RCN an overview of thematic priorities and funding opportunities within the RCN Portfolio Global Development and International Relations.   

The Investment Plan gives a three-year outlook into the thematic priorities and call for proposals for the portfolio. The plan describes actions that are to be implemented using the portfolio board's own disposable income. The plan is updated annually.  

The Portfolio for Global Development and International Relations covers the Research Council's overall efforts within research on Security and Governance, Poverty, Development and Equality, and Global Health. 

The ambition of the portfolio is a Norwegian society that is resilient and informed, and that R&D efforts have ensured both a solid national knowledge base and preparedness and resulted in extensive contributions to global knowledge production. 

Societal and user goals 

The portfolio for Global development and international relations contributes to realising the main goals of the Research Council of Norway's executive strategy, Empowering ideas for a better world (2020 – 2024), in particular the goal of Sustainable Development and the strategic area Cohesion and Globalisation. The interventions and activities within the portfolio's area of responsibility aim at contributing to the following societal goals set out for this portfolio:   

Societal goals  

  1. Societies across the world are resilient and informed.  
  2. Researchers collaborate internationally in genuine, fair, and equitable partnerships.  
  3. Norway contributes effectively to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  
  4. Norway is prepared to deal with the challenges and opportunities it faces in pursuit of its interests and values.  

The funding ministries, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have a strong influence on the thematic profile of the targeted funding schemes within this portfolio. This influence, and the ministries’ prioritization of research funding within the portfolio's thematic priorities, is reflected in the distribution of funds across priorities and the overall volume of the portfolio, and thus impacts on the achievement of this portfolio's goals.  

This portfolio plan aims to address the following user goals: 

  1. Civil society and citizens have confidence in and make use of research, participate in the development of knowledge, and help to create innovative and sustainable solutions. 
  2. Researchers within the portfolio’s areas maintain high quality, theoretical and methodological diversity, and creativity in research, and participate actively in international research, development and innovation.​ 
  3. Governments, policymakers, practitioners and the corporate sector use research to shape global health and development policy and practice, in particular in LMICs. 
  4. The government uses research to frame Norwegian foreign and security policy. 

On how the portfolio contributes to realizing these goals please be advised to read the Portfolio Analysis. 

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