Facts about the social mission

The social mission on sustainable feed is led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The Research Council chairs an operational group of specialist agencies that will propose the design and specific goals for the social mission from 2024 onwards. Broad involvement from society will be facilitated, among others through input meetings. The group will also receive input from an expert group with stakeholders from the industries, R&D environments and interest organisations. The goal is to have recommendations for further work ready by mid-November 2023.

Other ministries involved will include the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Ministry of Education and Research.

The operational group consists of representatives from Enova, the Directorate of Fisheries, the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF), the Research Fund for Agriculture and Food Industry (FFL/JA), the Research Council, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Agriculture Agency, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Environment Agency and SIVA. The operational group is led by Christina Abildgaard, Research Council of Norway.

Mandate for the operational group in design and implementation phase (In Norwegian only).

The secretariat consists of the Research Council and Innovation Norway. It assists both the operational group and the expert group.

The expert group has been established by the operational group and will provide advice and professional input to the operational group on the design of the social mission.

Mandate for the expert group in design and implementation (In Norwegian only).

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